Are you going to the Australian Grand Prix?

I?ve already seen in the comments to other articles that several of you are going to be in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix this weekend. I?m very jealous of all of you!

If you?re going to be at Albert Park for this weekend?s F1 race, please leave a comment below and we?ll find out how many F1 Fanatic readers are going to be at the first race of the year.

If you?re going to be taking pictures or video and want to share them with F1 Fanatic readers you can upload them to the (newly upgraded) F1 Fanatic and we?ll see if we can get a gallery together.

And you can always join in the live blogs during the F1 sessions. You can find more details on them here and you should be able to view them on most Smartphones including the iPhone, as well as normal web browsers on computers.

If you?re been to the Australian Grand Prix before, please leave a comment about it here and share your experiences with other F1 fans: Albert Park, Melbourne – spectators? experiences

The drivers are doing autograph sessions on Thursday – although it seems the McLaren drivers’ participation hasn’t been confirmed yet:

1130?ǣ1155 Williams – Nico Rosberg and Kazuki Nakajima
1200?ǣ1225 BMW – Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica
1230?ǣ1255 Force India ?ǣ Adrian Sutil and Giancarlo Fischicella
1300-1325 Renault ?ǣ Fernando Alonso and Nelsinho Piquet
1330?ǣ1355 Red Bull ?ǣ Mark Webber and Sebatian Vettel
1430?ǣ1455 Ferrari ?ǣ Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen
1500?ǣ1525 Brawn GP ?ǣ Jenson Button and Rubens Barichello
1600?ǣ1625 Toro Rosso – Sebastien Buemi and Sebastien Bourdais
1700?ǣ1725 Toyota – Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock

But even if you’re in Melbourne without tickets to the race you can still get a glimpse of the drivers at Federation Square tomorrow.


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34 comments on Are you going to the Australian Grand Prix?

  1. Rchard said on 23rd March 2009, 21:53

    I’ll be there watching from the Schumacher Stand

  2. Mussolini's Pet Cat said on 23rd March 2009, 22:00


  3. Matt said on 23rd March 2009, 22:00

    Yeah i am going to, just general admission though, but it still going to be awesome!

  4. Keir said on 23rd March 2009, 22:21

    I was going to go, but had to come home to England last week. I was very much looking forward to it, Albert Park and Melbourne are great! Have fun all that go!

  5. gabal said on 23rd March 2009, 22:33

    I wish I was going – an F1 race and The Who concert in one big awesome package. Alas – too far and too expensive for me to visit… God knows I was trying to figure out how much would it cost ;)

  6. Dane said on 23rd March 2009, 22:38

    I will be going on the weekend, though it looks more & more like Sunday will be a wet race; which is ok bc we’re in a drought. Better than the 40c we had last for last years race

    • James said on 24th March 2009, 2:18

      I’m going! I’m going GA so wondering where to go – I’ve heard turn 6 or 8 are the best. Cannot wait!

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 24th March 2009, 8:50

      In the fans’ guide Peter Anderson reckons turn five is the best spot:

      Turn 5 is the best General Admission spot money can buy but is in the sun all day as it faces north. 2008 was incredibly hot. There are trees in most GA areas but you need to be early to get on the concrete seating, people get there very early and stay put. Turn 5 has none of these concrete podiums.All of these corners are quite good for seeing the track. Turn 5 is a sweeping right hander that leads to 6 and if you stand on the fence you can see cars dicing for an opportune overtake at 6 (rare, but good all the same)

      Albert Park, Melbourne – spectators’ experiences

  7. xrdavo said on 23rd March 2009, 22:41

    Yeah I’m driving down on Wedsnesday from Sydney. This is the third year in a row for me. Watching from Turn 9 Clark stand. One of the best places to view from I reckon. Looking forward to this year more than ever.

  8. jeloz said on 23rd March 2009, 23:04

    I will be there..going to Sidetrack as well –
    will be tweeting – @jeloz

  9. Toby Bushby said on 24th March 2009, 0:08

    Going GA. Better than grandstands in Melbourne, I reckon. You can get REALLY close. Turn 6 and maybe turn 8 for me. Catch me at the James Boag bar for lunch. One of the few guys in Melbourne not wearing silver or red!

  10. Aaron Shearer said on 24th March 2009, 0:15

    Keith you aren’t the only one that’s jealous. I wish I could be able to go to a Grand Prix this year, unfortunately my current financial situation isn’t great and the fact no one in the house likes to watch motor sport. Ah well there’s always Donnington next year.

    Good luck to anyone going to Melbourne. I’m really looking forward to reading some of your responses.

  11. Amy said on 24th March 2009, 0:22

    I’ll be there!

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 24th March 2009, 8:47

      Where are you watching from Amy?

    • Amy said on 24th March 2009, 9:47

      Forgot to mention I’ll be watching from Fangio on Pit Straight. Sat there last year on race day and loved it so I’m there all weekend this time. Might wander around some GA areas on Friday morning though to get a look at some cornering action!

  12. jp5 said on 24th March 2009, 4:52

    I’ll be there too, Jones stand like last year.

    I agree with Dane that Sunday looks like it could be wet at some stage. Got to love Melbourne’s weather, but I’d much rather wet than crispy like last year…

    I’ll try to leave some comments also.

  13. Lambert said on 24th March 2009, 5:44

    I’ll be there, it’s sending me broke, but I’ll be there!

  14. david said on 24th March 2009, 7:54

    pit straight on saturday quali and turn 1 /2 stand on race day…. looking forward to it

  15. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 24th March 2009, 8:46

    Damn you lucky, lucky people – hope you all have a great time!

    I wonder is we could do some Google Maps-type thing to plot where all the F1 Fanatics will be watching the race from in Melbourne?

    Jeloz – will keep an eye out for your Tweets.

  16. Amy said on 24th March 2009, 9:45

    Events today in Fed Square were good – Interviews with Klien, Webber and Glock. I’m in the process of putting the videos on youtube, and I’ll also be twittering the events of the weekend @amyfulton

  17. I’ll be there in the Waite grandstand on the fast chicane. i am going to be walking around getting plenty of photos and videos during practice sessions and in the grandstand for quali and race. can’t wait. thanks for the autograph times, the timetable from GP Advantage didn’t mention a thing about specifc times.

  18. Lambert said on 24th March 2009, 11:04

    I better dig out my umbrella too.

  19. jamie said on 24th March 2009, 17:20

    i cant go because i live in da uk id rather it would be hot than cold haha id give enything to watch the race this weekend but hopefully i can get admission to silverstone grand prix later on this season ;)

  20. Mike G said on 24th March 2009, 21:21

    if only i was going :(

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