Diffuser row set to drag on

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota’s diffusers have been given the all-clear by the stewards in Melbourne.

But Ferrari, BMW, Renault and Red Bull are intending to protest the decision. This means a Court of Appeal hearing into the legality of the parts will have to be held, most likely in the week after the Malaysian Grand Prix next weekend.

This would mean that three teams are participating in the next two races not knowing if their cars are legal or not. If their diffusers are subsequently declared illegal drivers could be stripped of wins and points. Hopefully it won’t come to this.

The diffuser dispute first came to light in January, and it’s lamentable the FIA wasn’t able to get its act together and sort out the new rules so the season could begin without yet more needless controversy. Perhaps they could have gotten their act together if they had spent less time bickering with the F1 teams over a points system no-one wants.

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  1. I think bottom line will show decisions being made with an additional level of technical limitations, some wise vision that – yes – rules just nearly never encompass all elements the inventive mind of man could come up with, and a considerable amount of political composition. All in all, this is invention, regulation and politics setting off boundaries of man existence, as allways. Hope the other teams can level off with Brawn after all that and make competition turn out to be what really catches fans attention. If not, would we all be the audience of a change of forces in F1?

  2. I think we can be pretty sure that if the best brain in F1, Ross Braun, thinks his car is legal, then it is. He had 15 months to check it against the regs, and he sure don’t make too many mistakes.
    Where that leaves us is: how determined will the FIA be to cook the books in order to engineer the outcome of the season? The omens aren’t too good here, as we saw when Hammy came in and was given all kinds of preferential treatment in his first season. Remember the JCB incident, or Hungary, for example?
    Massa absolutely hit the nail on the head with his comment that Brawn could win the title by halfway through the season. Boy did he touch a tender place. If there is anything more sacred to F1 than the championship being decided on the very last race, I don’t know what. So you can bet that the establishment is going to move heaven and earth to cut Brawn down to size before they do the unthinkable and depart from the long established script.
    As the Brawn diffuser will certainly be legal (as I believe), the teams who didn’t bother to read the rules will have to take an entirely different tack. It would appear that that will have to be that, although Brawn read the rules, he didn’t read the minds of the regulators to divine what they would have liked to put in but were too lazy or incompetent to specify.
    If that approach wins the rule book won’t be worth a brass farthing ever again.
    I am not too hopeful that sanity will prevail. Just think how many tens of millions Mercedes alone have already thrown at the ludicrous KERS nonsense. In grand prix, big money talks.

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