Australian GP Pictures: Practice

Jarno Trulli practising for the Australian Grand Prix

Jarno Trulli practising for the Australian Grand Prix

The first practice sessions at Melbourne gave us a chance to see the new F1 cars being driven in anger for the first time.

Here’s a selection of pictures of each of the drivers getting to grips with the tricky new cars and the slippery Albert Park circuit this morning.

If you’re in Melbourne for the Grand Prix this weekend you can share your pictures with us by uploading them to the F1 Fanatic

Images (C) BMW ag, Force India F1 Team, Getty Images, Bridgestone, Renault / LAT, Williams / LAT, Toyota F1 World

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34 comments on Australian GP Pictures: Practice

  1. Mr. Sarcasm said on 27th March 2009, 21:10

    Ah djdaveyp once more. You know for someone with their own “website” about F1 you really seem to struggle to notice signs, trends, pragmatic interviews, flagrant lack of pace etc etc. You should put your optimism into high-value betting. I’d tip you to go for either “something-still-up-their-sleeve” McLaren. or possibly judging by friday practice “We’re going slowly for the fun of it, we like to do it sometimes” BMW. Either is a sure winner

  2. Personal preferences aside, it would be phenomenal to see Sir Frank heaving the WCC again after so many years.

  3. Toby Bushby said on 27th March 2009, 22:26

    Love the side-on shot of Rosberg. That Williams looks sleek and, dare I say it, sexy. Look at the “snow plough” and the front of the nose – beautiful.

  4. Patrickl said on 27th March 2009, 22:28

    Does anyone know where to find the “Practice Session Lap Times” sheets? For 2008 they are all nicely on the FIA site, but the 2009 ones I can’t find.

  5. Macademianut said on 27th March 2009, 23:33

    I am absolutely thrilled after the P1 and P2; as this is always the stuff that I wanted to see in F1. The question always is: “Is it the driver” or “the car?”

    Usually, the top teams (McLaren, Ferrari, BMW, Renault) get the best drivers; and the others usually “appear” bad because the cars themselves are not good. I have always wondered how would the drivers of RedBull or Williams perform if they were to be switched with the Ferrari drivers? Well, that would never happen! :)

    An interesting question would be, how would it look like if the “Toyota, Honda (Brawn), and Williams” were to have a generally faster car compared to “Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, and Renault). Thanks to the change of rules that we have this.

    Let’s see which driver can drive the heck out of the car. I just hope the court would rule the “interesting” interpretation of the diffuser to be legal.

  6. mp4-19 said on 28th March 2009, 0:59

    You remain ever over optimistic about mclaren’s performance, your posts always remainds me of what i’ve got in mind. Lets hope this time for the good of the world that they have really somthin hidden under their sleeves. I’m wit u on this one. A 1-2 in quali would shut many mouths. Would’nt it ?

  7. mp4-19 said on 28th March 2009, 1:05

    The above post was a respose to one of djdavyp post.

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