Australian GP grid and race weights

More bad news for Brawn GP’s rivals: as well as having locked out the front row of the grid, they are also carrying more fuel than anyone Q1 apart from Timo Glock.

Robert Kubica’s strong qualifying position appears to have been partly fuel-assisted as he is the lightest driver on the grid.

Before his exclusion, Timo Glock was the heaviest driver in the top ten and out-qualified team mate Jarno Trulli despite having 10kg more fuel.

Lewis Hamilton had been moved to the back of the grid following repairs to his McLaren and appears to be running light in an effort to make up places early on in the race.

Here is the grid for Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix and the declared starting weight of each car:

1. Jenson Button – 664.5kg
2. Rubens Barrichello – 666.5kg
3. Sebastien Vettel – 657kg
4. Robert Kubica – 650kg
5. Nico Rosberg – 657kg
6. Felipe Massa – 654kg
7. Kimi Raikkonen – 655.5kg
8. Mark Webber – 662kg
9. Nick Heidfeld – 691.5kg
10. Fernando Alonso – 680.7kg
11. Kazuki Nakajima – 685.3kg
12. Heikki Kovalainen – 690.6kg
13. Sebastien Buemi – 675.5kg
14. Nelson Piquet – 694.1kg
15. Giancarlo Fisichella – 689kg
16. Adrian Sutil – 684.5kg
17. Sebastien Bourdais – 662.5kg
18. Lewis Hamilton – 655kg
19. Jarno Trulli* – 660kg
20. Timo Glock* – 670kg

*Starting from the pit lane due to a technical infringement. More here: Toyota drivers lose qualifying positions

2009 Australian Grand Prix grid and fuel weights (click to enlarge)

2009 Australian Grand Prix grid and fuel weights (click to enlarge)

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31 comments on Australian GP grid and race weights

  1. Daniel said on 28th March 2009, 18:06

    If Glock outqualified Trulli, why was Timo classified behind Jarno, after both of them were punished? Because of the car numbers?

    It seems unfair to me… can anyone explain it? I really didn’t understand…

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 28th March 2009, 18:29

      I’ve been wondering that. Anyone?

    • Striay said on 28th March 2009, 18:40

      I don’t think qualifying matters after you have been disqualified. It is as if you have not participated in qualifying. This means that the one with the highest number (in this case Trulli)is classified in front.

      This is what i think! no real evidence to support it however it makes sense to me!
      hope it helped :) any other website on the laps everyone will be pitting?

  2. Daniel said on 28th March 2009, 20:49

    1 22 Jenson Button Virgin Brawn GP
    2 23 Rubens Barrichello Virgin Brawn GP
    3 15 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing
    4 5 Robert Kubica BMW Sauber
    5 16 Nico Rosberg at&t Williams
    6 3 Felipe Massa Scuderia Ferrari
    7 4 Kimi Raikkonen Scuderia Ferrari
    8 14 Mark Webber Red Bull Racing
    9 6 Nick Heidfeld BMW Sauber
    10 7 Fernando Alonso Renault
    11 17 Heikki Kovalainen Mclaren Mercedes
    12 2 Nelson Piquet Renault
    13 21 Giancarlo Fisichella Force India
    14 17 Kazuki Nakajima Williams
    15 12 Sebastien Buemi Toro Rosso
    16 20 Adrian Sutil Force India
    17 11 Sebastien Bourdais Toro Rosso
    18 1 Lewis Hamilton Mclaren Mercedes
    19 10 Timo Glock Toyota
    20 9 Jarno Trulli Toyota

    The Official Have Said This Is The Grid, Which Confuses Me

    Piquet & Fisichella Were Both Out In Q1 But Start Ahead Of Nakajima Who Got Put Out In Q2. They Grid Confuses Me, With Glock And Trulli Being Penalised And Hamilton.

  3. martinb said on 28th March 2009, 20:56

    The top eight will pull away from Nick Heidfeld. He is 30 kg heavier than Mark Webber in front of him, and heavier than anyone behind him except for Piquet, who doesn’t count.

    Not sure what that translates to in terms of seconds per lap, but my prediction is a Trulli train bunched behind Heidfeld for the first half of the race.

    • Terry Fabulous said on 28th March 2009, 21:30

      Except Nick has KERS so he can rocket past poor ol Mark at the start and annoy him for the next 58 laps by being unpassable!!!

  4. LOL. on Terry.

  5. Alex Bkk said on 29th March 2009, 0:47

    Ha ha…The Heidfeld Express… with Jarno as the caboose for a change.

    The start of this race is going to be fantastic!

  6. koper said on 29th March 2009, 1:09

    how about a big pile up at the first corner…still possible…I mean at least possible flying front wings. That can change an order

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