Trulli penalised, Hamilton takes third (Update: Video of Hamilton’s pass)

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Lewis Hamilton has been promoted to third place in the Australian Grand Prix after Jarno Trulli was handed a 25-second penalty by the stewards.

Trulli’s penalty, for overtaking Hamilton during the final safety car period, relegates him from third to 12th.

Hamilton had taken third place off Trulli when the Italian ran off the circuit. During the confusion following the deployment of the safety car after Vettel and Kubica’s collision, Trulli re-took third place from Hamilton.

I’m disappointed to see the stewards bring such a harsh penalty on Trulli. If he overtook Hamilton unfairly under the safety car, it’s entirely clear what the consequence of that misdemeanour was, and the punishment should be for him to be relegated to fourth behind Hamilton.

Giving him a 25-second penalty is especially unfair in this context as the race finished behind the safety car, and so it dropped Trulli many more places than it would have done had the races ended normally.

Toyota are apparently readying a protest. It is Trulli’s second penalty of the weekend, the first coming for Toyota’s rear wing infringement during qualifying. Despite starting in the pit lane he drove an excellent race to finish third on the road.

The full revised Australian Grand Prix standings are here: Australian Grand Prix result

Update: Added video of Hamilton passing Trulli,. courtesy of F1 Zone

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  1. Awesome!

    Just a shame it couldn’t have been decided sooner so Lewis could join the brawn guys on the podium!

  2. To be fair this is a standard penalty for passing under yellows / sc and Trulli should have known better than to take the place back. If there were more laps left he would have been given a drive through.

  3. Well as a hammy fan i am happy about this. And although it is hash on Trulli hammy has fallen bad of harsh decisions in the past.

    Well Macca were going on about damage limitation this weekend they achevied that!!!

    1. Wow you must be a great fan of Lewis to call him “Hammy”

  4. David Watkins
    29th March 2009, 11:18

    Gotta disagree Keith. Trulli and his team should have known far better than to do that.

    If he’d just been relegated to fourth that would have been merely a rectification rather than a punishment.

  5. hamilton must love those toyota’s !

  6. If it’s a standard penalty, then it’s fair. Safety car finishes could happen at any race, so while I feel sorry for Trulli, he broke one of the few clear rules in F1, and should pay the penalty. Given the way Massa (I think) behaved when being told to pass the safety car, though, it seems like Trulli isn’t the only one who doesn’t understand the rules.

  7. BBC Commentary thought Hamilton was a possible 3rd. Toyota should have got this clarified and earlier and let Hamilton back into 3rd.
    Good result in the end for Hamilton.

  8. They didn’t show the incident on TV here, but I would love to see it. It seems really odd to me that someone as experienced as Trulli would crash off, then take the position back once the safety car comes out. Very odd…

  9. Keith, I hear what you saying, but that is the rules. And no one knows the rules like McLaren, after all they have had it applied to them enough in the past.

  10. I think they are actually trying to be consistent for once – which we should be applauding.

    Don’t get me wrong… the common sense and fair approach would be to demote Trulli to forth of course, but he made a mistake, in clear breach of the rules as Jelibeli remarks – we have been going on all last season about making consistent decisions and this is actually one of them.

  11. David Watkins
    29th March 2009, 11:25

    And Toyota and Trulli should have known that the race was going to finish behind the SC and, with the cars together, that any penalty would cost him a lot of positions.

    However, Vettel’s 10-place penalty does seem harsh and I agreed when Brundle called it a 50-50.

    1. Where did you read the vettle punishment

  12. Also agree, as a Hammy fan – penalty was harsh, but fair – just gutted for him, that he missed his moment on the podium…good start to the season in general I thought…

  13. Trulli and the team should have known better. 25 seconds does seem harsh though surely he should just have been relegated to fourth.

    Pleased for Lewis I thought he drove an excellent race and proved you can overtake even if the car is a bit of a dog.

    1. Like they said above to put him back to 4th place no penelty is served. That’s where he would have finnished if he behaved himself. 25 secs is the rule, it happend to Hamilton last year and it cost him a race win.

  14. Undeserved

    1. oh – perhaps your talking about the demotion. Sorry, I thought you meant Hamilton finishing third… maybe you do? $ : )

    2. Well uh… both :D

  15. Yes, that’s completely buggered my fantasy F1 result,that and Vettel spinning off.

    Since I’m holding Button, Hamilton, Trulli, Vettel and Rosberg I would have been quids in.

    Why can’t these damned people be more considerate?

    1. hitchcockm00
      29th March 2009, 11:50

      That’s a terrible decision.
      How can Kubica say that Vettel was being optimistic. He was defending his position. It was Kubica who was being optimistic by assuming he was in front going into the corner when infact they were side by side.

      Losing the chance for a podium was punishment enough.

  16. Im A Hamilton Fan And I Feel This Is Harsh!!

    I Would Of Dropped Him To 4th Not 12th

  17. Trulli should have been dropped the place down not all the way to the back. What an amazing drive from Lewis.

    Would of loved to have seen Jenson and Lewis on the podium together, just to see how they acted together

    1. wan’t really that amazing – should have finished 9th

  18. I do think the penalty is harsh, as the time penalty is not really appropriate after or during a safety car period. However, I don’t agree that Trulli should just have been given 4th back. The punishment has to be greater then the potential gains, otherwise people would break the rules more often as there would be nothing to lose. I suppose also, a driver’s “legal” position on the track would have a bearing on everyone behind him – i.e. was Glock denied a challenge on Trulli because of Trulli’s misplacement? In the circumstances I would have said a 3-place penalty is appropriate; the stewards have to be seen to be consistent in their penalties, but discretion must be used in unusual circumstances such as the race effectively finishing behind the safety car.

    1. Indeed; there’s a safety angle, after all. The penalty should be harsh enough to discourage opportunistic overtaking, just in case it happens near the accident site (or, in case of extreme wet weather, anywhere).

      Still gutted for Trulli, though. It’s the difference between a team that is used to running in front and a team that is newly competitive — the former would have polished off their act in situatinos like this.

  19. As a McLaren fan who has had to learn to live with the letter of the law, i would say Trulli gets what he deserves and so do the two Brawns upfront for using legal diffusers. I hope the April 14th appeal fails and i hope by then McLaren will have a modified diffuser ready.

    Keith, if Toyota are appealing, what are they appealing against? Are they appealing the punishment or the rule?

    1. Williams 4ever
      29th March 2009, 17:52

      Diffuser isn’t a component that can be modified and deployed in isolation. It needs substantial redesign and with no in-season testing thats not possible. The rival teams realize this and have gone on protest rather than quick modification of their own component

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