Trulli penalised, Hamilton takes third (Update: Video of Hamilton’s pass)

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Lewis Hamilton has been promoted to third place in the Australian Grand Prix after Jarno Trulli was handed a 25-second penalty by the stewards.

Trulli’s penalty, for overtaking Hamilton during the final safety car period, relegates him from third to 12th.

Hamilton had taken third place off Trulli when the Italian ran off the circuit. During the confusion following the deployment of the safety car after Vettel and Kubica’s collision, Trulli re-took third place from Hamilton.

I’m disappointed to see the stewards bring such a harsh penalty on Trulli. If he overtook Hamilton unfairly under the safety car, it’s entirely clear what the consequence of that misdemeanour was, and the punishment should be for him to be relegated to fourth behind Hamilton.

Giving him a 25-second penalty is especially unfair in this context as the race finished behind the safety car, and so it dropped Trulli many more places than it would have done had the races ended normally.

Toyota are apparently readying a protest. It is Trulli’s second penalty of the weekend, the first coming for Toyota’s rear wing infringement during qualifying. Despite starting in the pit lane he drove an excellent race to finish third on the road.

The full revised Australian Grand Prix standings are here: Australian Grand Prix result

Update: Added video of Hamilton passing Trulli,. courtesy of F1 Zone

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  1. If Trulli’s version checks out there was nothing else he could do..According to Trulli Hamilton almost stopped and got to the side of the that situation and not having seen the event i think its a bit “harsh”..should he have stopped? Put yourselves in his shoes..
    If the story doesn’t check out i think its a bit harsh but fair..Trulli for me was the driver of the race alongside Hamilton..

    (Someone who respects and admires Hamilton for what he can do and has achieved but not a do or die fan)

  2. Those who claim Vettel wasn’t in the wrong failed to observe that Kubica was on the racing line and that Vettel was never going to make that corner except to go very wide or run straight on.

  3. I agree Rui – according to Trulli, Hamilton did pull over to the side to let him “regain” his place

    “Jarno Trulli (12th*): “I can’t say how disappointed I am to finish third but have the result questioned. When the safety car came out towards the end of the race Lewis Hamilton passed me but soon after he suddenly slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road. I thought he had a problem so I overtook him as there was nothing else I could do. “

    1. Maybe this story has further to run?

    2. If in doubt, Trulli could have checked the situation via race control and giving back the place. Maybe LH was being ultra-safe letting Trulli past (not unlikely given his penalties last year) but even so it’s not up to Hamilton to decide on the legality of their relative positions under a SC during a race! If Trulli was just ‘avoiding a collison,’ obviously even he would know he had to give it back asap…

  4. One thing about the safety cars that really annoys me is the time it takes to make the decision to get the thing out on the track. When the BMW went into the wall it seemed to take forever for them to put it out, I would’ve thought one shot of the position of the car and debris on the track would’ve been enough… instead of waiting for everyone to do a lap or two first

    1. It was even worse with the Nakajima crash. It was almost as if they were waiting for Button to make his stop and only then send out the safety car. Then they even missed him coming out the pit and they had to wait for Button to gain almost a full lap on them.

      So as a result we get 6 lap safety car period for something that could have been cleaned up in 1 or 2 laps.

    2. I should’ve been more specific, the Nakajima crash was the one I was referring to.

      You’re spot on there, it’s like they were thinking “wait, wait, wait,.. ok go with the safety car now”.

  5. Hey, so if the appeal court do penalise the diffuser gang in two weeks time, the record would state that Hamilton won the 2009 Australian grand prix??

    1. In the same way that Felipe Massa won the 2008 Belgian Grand Prix, yes. I hope it doesn’t happen.

  6. Great race by both HAM and Trulli. I think we’ll continue to see Trulli doing well moving forward and HAM got a well-deserved finish.

  7. Eduardo Colombi
    29th March 2009, 14:43

    Stewards should not be that hard on punishment as they are beeing. Both Vettel and Kubica were guilty on their incident, and punishing Jarno with 25 sec. was just ridiculous!

  8. If anything – This tough weekend will only make the Toyota team event more determined and put even more effort into it…

    1. At least they know their car is quick.

  9. Trulli/Hamilton incident :

    credits :

    1. Thanks Pati, have added it to the post.

  10. StrFerrari4Ever
    29th March 2009, 15:19

    Well that was harsh on Trulli who had fought back Hamilton did great aswell but the way Jarno described what happened surely there was nothing more he could do but get by as for decisions the Vettel one was absolutely ridiculous i mean 10 place grid drop they shouldve analysed the footage more and come to a conclusion that both drivers were in the wrong not just Vettel goes to show you sometimes the inconsistency of the stewards Barrichello at the start he says he got tapped by Kovalinen but he was bound to in that scrappy start and that incident with Kimi should’ve had been looked at and at least have something done it’s just not right that Vettel got that type of punishment

  11. well, no one said world is a fair place..
    just hope for the next races, trulli will get what he deserves fairly..

  12. Hamilton drove a very mature race today, but the penalty on Trulli just compounds a very frustrating weekend for Toyota. First they get clobbered on Saturday for using dodgy rear wings, both cars having to start from the pitlane at the start, and now this.
    That was some drive from Jarno, and kinds of puts two fingers up to his critics who claim that he is not ‘that good a racer’.
    What struck me today though was how badly Ferrari and Renault struggled, and the number of cars Hamilton overtook in what was supposed to be a dog of a car.
    Alonso for example started 12th and finished sixth, Hamilton gained fifteen places during the race, albeit one of those courtesy of Trulli’s misfortunes.
    The cynics out there will point out that Hamilton was aided by the typically high attrition rate at Albert Park. But if you had said that McLaren were to be on the podium after Saturdays debacle, the straight jacket would have been put around ones shoulders.
    I really feel that these drivers, the majority atleast, are desperately trying to get used to the less downforce at the rear, and it would seem that McLaren, Ferrari and Renault all have this problem.
    Take Raikkonen’s crash for example. He didn’t appear to clip a curb or anything drastic, the rear just snapped on him and off he went. The way I see it, the only team who appear to have nailed that problem are
    Brawn GP.
    The car is stable, not loose at the back, and extremely durable. Rubens Barrichello summed it up nicely when he said he thought he was finished after that first corner pile up, yet the Brawn car kept on going, and had enough left in it to get the Brazilian up to second.

  13. schumacherthegreatestever
    29th March 2009, 15:31

    shame for trulli he did so well starting from the pitlane. that toyota is a handy car.

    rilliant drive hamilton too

  14. StrFerrari4Ever
    29th March 2009, 15:34

    I agree with The Limit some of these teams are struggling with the lower rear downforce their cars somehow dont seem planted or stable like the Brawn it looks as if its stuck to the tarmac whereas the other teams are bouncing around and dont have stable machines lets hope that others will design diffusers that will peg Brawn back for an even more exciting and level field in terms of teams without the diffuser a team which will design the best diffuser i believe Red Bull would they seem to have the best brains to come up with something that will leave everyone speechless and take the challenge to the Brawns today if they had those extra 5 tenths that Brawn did the gap would probably been 5 tenths to under a second not 1.5 1.9 therabouts

  15. Unfortunatly Trulli broke the rules and thats the way it is. I would have loved to have seen him keep 3rd as he did such a great job of coming from last – starting in the pits to 3rd.

    However I think Hamilton does deserve 3rd too. Sure a lot of luck was involved but he drove a solid race.

  16. The Safety Car rules were well established seasons ago. There are a limited number of options. Now we have a bunch of whiners crying ‘unfair’ and ‘too harsh’. So just what is it you want to see – rules bent/changed for Trulli/Toyota? ‘FlexiRules’? Get real – than only happens for the red cars.

    In the immortal words of Bill Gates: “Life’s not fair – get over it…”.

  17. Well if they will break the rules, and you cannot deny that Hamilton did a good job getting from 18th to 4th.

    Still it is a harsh penalty, maybe swapping places with Lewis would have been more appropriate. Still rules are there to be followed!

  18. I wonder if the incident would have been investigated if Trulli would have given the spot back under safety car? Shouldn’t the team have radioed Trulli to do just that?

  19. I am a Hamilton fan as well, but everything I have seen says the he relegated the position BACK to Trulli, meaning that he gave it back willingly, because Macca weren’t sure if he legally took it. If that is the case, then I agree, its a harsh penalty because Trulli didn’t just run up on Hamilton and pass him under the SC. If THAT was the case, then the penalty is rightly deserved.

    Quote from Norbert Haug: “During the second Safety Car period, Trulli had an off and Lewis overtook him for third place, but he let Trulli past again”

    Trulli deserves his third as he had just as spectacular time getting there from the back of the grid. I cannot say I am sorry for Lewis though. EXCELLENT drive last night.

    1. That’s what I imagined, McLaren being ultra-safe! Tough on Trulli for sure. But then he was one of the drivers who came out criticizing LH after Spa 2008. Kind of ironic that made Lewis super cautious and now cost Jarno his points.

  20. Why are people thinking the penalty is harsh on Trulli? It started and ended with him; If he didn’t go off track would it be an issue? And why did he think he had the option of passing Lewis under the safety car??

    Any explanation would be appreciated.

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