Trulli penalised, Hamilton takes third (Update: Video of Hamilton’s pass)

Lewis Hamilton has been promoted to third place in the Australian Grand Prix after Jarno Trulli was handed a 25-second penalty by the stewards.

Trulli’s penalty, for overtaking Hamilton during the final safety car period, relegates him from third to 12th.

Hamilton had taken third place off Trulli when the Italian ran off the circuit. During the confusion following the deployment of the safety car after Vettel and Kubica’s collision, Trulli re-took third place from Hamilton.

I’m disappointed to see the stewards bring such a harsh penalty on Trulli. If he overtook Hamilton unfairly under the safety car, it’s entirely clear what the consequence of that misdemeanour was, and the punishment should be for him to be relegated to fourth behind Hamilton.

Giving him a 25-second penalty is especially unfair in this context as the race finished behind the safety car, and so it dropped Trulli many more places than it would have done had the races ended normally.

Toyota are apparently readying a protest. It is Trulli’s second penalty of the weekend, the first coming for Toyota’s rear wing infringement during qualifying. Despite starting in the pit lane he drove an excellent race to finish third on the road.

The full revised Australian Grand Prix standings are here: Australian Grand Prix result

Update: Added video of Hamilton passing Trulli,. courtesy of F1 Zone

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141 comments on Trulli penalised, Hamilton takes third (Update: Video of Hamilton’s pass)

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  1. Peter Boyle said on 1st April 2009, 2:55

    Why did Trulli slide off the track if he was behaving appropriately under SC conditions?

    When Hamilton passed Trulli, Trulli was not on the track
    something Trulli conspicuously did not mention in his
    media statements. The reverse was not true.

    I think Mclaren told him to cede because it they got
    to bank the 4th place and leave only the increment to
    3rd place in the lap of the FIA stewards. Having been punished so much (unfairly in SPA in my view) they
    are likely pretty paranoid about unclear situations.

    That doesn’t mean they think he was wrong, just that they thought there was a chance he could be punished
    and wanted to bank what they had.

    If Toyota thought Hamilton’s pass on Trulli was legal
    as is implicit in Trulli’s description (I had a problem then he had a problem) why didn’t they get very very afraid when Hamilton pulled over and ceded the position but did *NOT* retire.

    Mclaren were clearly worried about punishment even though Trulli went off track. Only reason for them to do that. It’s naive in the extreme of Toyota to accept the gift clearly given out of fear punishment, and then not be fearful yourself when the case is even weaker.

    • MotoX Guy said on 2nd April 2009, 18:47

      Hmmmm. I saw the race and the videos. I have to agree that the first infraction was when Hami smoked his tires off to about 150mph, to catch and pass Trulli, while he was indeed cooling his tires off via. the grass. I have watched a lot of F1, and I don’t recall (no shortcuts, Lewis) any over the turf to be a problem. Then, of course, Trulli later creeps by a stopped (almost?), possible dead again McClaren, at about 30mph. It was obvious that, of the two events, Hami was the one who tried to gain an unfair advantage on Trulli under the SC. Trulli was several seconds ahead of Hami in the race, and through the crash seen, past Vettel’s limping trike as SC came up. I can’t beleive the great Lewis would resort to that crap. In any case, it seems the race stewards saw all the video as well. Now I hope Trulli starts using Hami as his own berm, the way Hami did it to Massa, etc, etc. on a few of his great passes.

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