What?s the point of Formula 1?

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Is F1 in good shape - or is it falling apart?
Is F1 in good shape - or is it falling apart?

Tomorrow I?m being interviewed by BBC Radio 4 for a programme called ??What?s the point of Formula 1???

They?re keen to hear opinions from passionate F1 fans about the state of the sport. So let?s have them!

The programme will be broadcast in May. Among the topics we?re going to be covering include:

  • Whether fans enjoy the political side of the sport, or find it a distraction from the racing
  • The quality of racing in F1 compared to sports like NASCAR
  • What the appeal of Formula 1 is
  • What fans think of Max Mosley, his potential re-election, and their reaction to last year?s sadomasochism scandal
  • Whether Bernie Ecclestone is doing a good job of running the commercial side of the sport
  • Is F1 elitist ?ǣ or is exclusivity part of its appeal?
  • The importance of technology in F1

What?s your take on the state of Formula 1? Why do you follow it? Have your say in the comments and I?ll make a point of reading them al before I head of to the studio tomorrow.

I had a couple of media appearances at the end of last year on Sky News:

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