Malaysian GP prediction results

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Fer No. 65 predicted the result as accurately as Glock predicted the weather
Fer No. 65 predicted the result as well as Glock predicted the weather

Fer No. 65 did the best job of the Malaysian Grand Prix predictions – correctly picking Jenson Button for pole and victory and Timo Glock for third place. Here’s the results.

First place: 35 points

Fer no. 65 (Pole: Button, Button, Trulli, Glock)

Second place: 25 points

Nayanesh (Pole: Massa; Button, Raikkonen, Glock)
Salty (Pole: Button, Raikkonen, Button, Glock)
Dan Wells (Pole: Button; Button, Glock, Sutil)
SteveM (Pole: Raikkonen; Button, Raikkonen, Glock)

Sixth place: 20 points

KeirdreF1, Senor Paz, PawelF1, SamS, Wen, PJA, Bigbadderboom, Mystic Pizza, Rob B, lewism, djdaveyp, Nathan89, roser, rtur, Ozzi, Setroc, Marian_escu, greg76, matt90, TommyB, Luigismen, Michel S, damjan006, Paradoxos, Shahriar, Paige, TickleMeElmo, Rahzam, Lethal M, Swaveck, redgreen, theRoswellite, Nick, coulsontom, yeamon, Kike, Sigma

Full results

You can download a complete list of results from the F1 Fanatic f1fpc_malaysia.csv

My prediction of Button for pole position paid off but my podium – Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton – earned me nothing. I scored ten points.

Next time we’ll be starting the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship with prizes to be won. Keep an eye out for the predictions post on the Friday of the Chinese Grand Prix weekend!

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