Do you have an F1 video collection?

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The F1 Fanatic video vault*
The F1 Fanatic video vault*

Here’s one of the question I get asked very often:

I missed the Grand Prix last weekend ?ǣ is there anywhere I can get a copy of it?

Obviously I thought it would be a good idea to write a post where I answer that question.

But it also got me wondering whether many fans collect F1 races to watch again in the future? Or has the advent of the internet and time-shift viewing consigned the practice to the past?

Meticulously recording every F1 race is definitely one of the signs you?re an F1 fanatic.

But without dedicated fans and their massive personal archives we wouldn?t be able to enjoy so much classic F1 footage on video sharing sites like Youtube ?ǣ which are, of course, uploaded in defiance of Formula One Management?s wishes

Until recently the best way to keep footage of entire races was to record it yourself on video cassette. DVD and hard disk recorders have largely replaced those.

The internet has given fans new ways of ‘unofficially’ downloading races. Many sites offer torrent downloads of races and other sessions, but there are doubts over their legality.

Broadcasters are finally waking up to the demand for archive race footage. The BBC has begun re-publish old footage, starting with the 1986 and 1994 Australian Grands Prix. However because of the restrictions placed on the rights by Formula One Management these videos are not available outside Britain.

But this won’t trouble die-hard collectors armed with a stack of videos, DVDs or hard drives, recording races from public broadcasts.

Have you got your own collection of old F1 videos? How long have you been collecting them for? Or is there just no point now you can watch everything on YouTube?

I?d particularly like to hear from anyone who?s been recording Formula 1 for decades and has an entire wall of their house covered in F1 videos. Photographic proof can be uploaded to the – and you can remain anonymous if you choose!

*Not really, it’s a photograph by august allen on Flickr

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  1. I did try to record races when i started my full F1 season in 1994. I was 13 at the time and lousy at keeping time. And I totally forgot to press the record button on that fateful afternoon of Imola 1994. I was sad that evening and never got to continue my plan. Although I think I do know someone that recorded almost every race in the 90’s and early 2000. at least the whole Schumi Era because he was a Shumi Fanatic more like it. I’ll see if i can get a shot of his F1 stash over the weekend.

    1. SirGeoffrey
      9th April 2009, 20:15

      I have several races from the ’90s on VHS, but not very well catalogued. However, I was very careful to cherish and preserve the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix in it’s entirety. I still sigh when I look at the white tape label. Scribbled in my Father’s writing, “Senna Death”.

    2. Hi Ronman, I’ve got every GP from 1979 on video. I’ve also got complete coverage of Imola 1994 (Italian TV) with no commentary – just the sounds! It’s amazing! Plus I have live coverage of Ayrton’s funeral! My email address is

  2. Definitely looks like you have the goods! Fanatic is proper name! HAHA

    I started taping F1 races in 1998. I have all qualifying and races from 1999 to 2005 on videotape. Also did a few trades for VHS tapes and have some races from earlier in the 80s and 90s on tape.

    Then came the torrents as you mentioned. I now have an exhaustive list and have every race from 1983 to present in one form or another. Also many from the 70s and some even from the 60s. Approximately 750GBs on HDs and probably another 120 DVDs. Also have a number of documentaries, specials etc. Some races are in foreign language, but who cares! The racing is still the same.

    1. NomadIndian
      9th April 2009, 16:33


    2. rory putter
      12th June 2009, 20:17

      please mail me i would like to find out how i can get those races myself

      1. Rod Hawkins
        3rd March 2011, 19:35

        If you email me on I will send you my lists – every GP since 1979!! Plus loads of documentaries, etc!

        1. Do you still have them? Because that sounds very awesome! I’ve been looking for a way to get full races. But all I can find are just some season reviews. I would want full races :)

  3. I started downloading Quali sessions and Races since the beginning of last years season…
    I have every race+Quali since then, all the 08-09 onboard races and maybe half of the qualis onboard…
    I can’t be home when F1 airs live so I need to get it by other means…

    1. Hi

      I am eagerly looking for Abu dhabi 2009 race videos.. this was my first f1 racle live and want to keep a collectioon henceforth

      kindly guide to get the videos


      1. I have every GP since 1979 including many practice, qualifying and warm-up sessions. Email me for complete lists – there are many! ;-)

  4. I think I have alot of people beat in this contest! Top level motorsports hit me like a ton of “bricksyards” when I was 8 years old and watched the 1982 Indianapolis 500 which turned out to be one of the best, (if not “the” best) Indy 500 race of all time between Gordon Johncock and Rick Mears. After that race it was all motorsports for me from then onwards.

    I later recognized that Formula One was the pinnacle and started recording my first Formula One race in 1988 with the San Marino Grand Prix. I have since recorded almost every Formula One and 24 Hours of Le Mans race since 1988 and still have them in perfect working condition today.

    Ofcourse there are a few that I have missed along the way that I would like to get like the 1991 Mexican Grand Prix or a few recent races because I was there at the circuit myself. But I have to say that I have atleast 90%++ of all the Formula One races for the last 21 years. And I am a born and raised Bostonian if you can believe that!

    Anybody want to trade some?…

    1. Sounds like a fantastic collection bud- I would love to get a few copies, but that would probably mean dealing with a Red Sox fan :(

    2. thedoctor46
      22nd June 2009, 21:49

      Hey man,
      saw your post i have a pretty good set of races aswell :) heres my list, anything your interested in?


  5. It’s only within the past couple of seasons that I’ve been recording races on to DVD for archiving. To be honest, I don’t really know why I continue to do so as it is unlikely I’ll ever go back to watch them. More a force of habit than anything.

  6. I record the qualifying and the race on DVD hard drive but only keep them for a few weeks.

    I would record onto the discs, but the quality of any recording longer than 2 hours (on disc) is pretty bad.

    A top quality VCR was better for a longer recording with no degradation over 6 hours, but since we’ve now got freeview in another room, ‘er indoors has pinched it.

  7. schumi the greatest
    9th April 2009, 8:40

    ive often wanted to start a similar thing myself….but with work and other things on at the weekend i never really seem to get round to it…i always watch the and i always record the qualifying sessions (im usually playing football when the sessions are on) and il record the race if its at an un godly hour.

    ive got every season review back to 1988 except for 1992 (ive got a dvd of highlights from every race that i bought of instead)

  8. I record every race and qualifying, leave them on DVD hard disk for a few months and then keep a select few. The kept ones include all six of Ralf Schumachers’s win weekends, all races which I have been to, a select few where a driver I like has won, and some random exciting races (although they are only from the last year or two – before about 2006, I only kept Ralf wins!

  9. I’m not quite in the league of some the posters above, but i do have a bit of a collection including all races of nigel mansells 1992winning season and all of 1993
    all fia review dvd’s from 1970 to 2007 not got the 2008 yet. load of highlight shows. And the whole of the fateful weekend the 1st may 1994 1st qualy 2nd qualy and the race. And a few documentaries. Unlike Dank though i do go back and watch older races.
    I think that people like us can go back and see how things were in years gone by can have a better perspective than most on what is happening these days. Wecan see how the world of formula one has gotten so much worse since the arrival in fia of Mosley. And in hindsight maybe it’s Mosley being president of of the fia has had a detrimental effect on Ecclestone, because bernie wasn’t as mad as he appears now back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

    So Keith what kind of collection do you have? And do you think a swap shop could be set up with Bernie finding out?

    1. Hi i was 9 when Mansell won the British Grand Prix in 1992 and was standing at Bridge i would love to watch the race again do you have a copy?

      1. Hi Richard

        My 1992 british grand prix is an AVI format, so no problem if you have a divx player.

        Where are you based?

        1. hi scunnyman im from nr chester in north west im not very computer literate i only have media player and real player

          1. Well Richard m8 and avi file will work on your computer if you have the right codes installed to allow certain things to play. Yes i know it’s all going over your head lol.
            Now the main problem is I live in Phoenix Arizona USA. So not so easy to get a copy to you. I am originally from across the other side of the country from you there in chester, a place called Scunthorpe.
            In the last few days i have been watching a few races from 86’88’ was nice to watch Mansell at his best.

      2. Hi Richard,
        I’m Italian. If you want I could send to you your race (DVD format), RAI broadcast, quality very good.
        I’ve all races from 1981 to 2009 seasons and much more from 1960 to 1980 season.
        If you are interested on please contact me to or facebook “amicidellecorse” many thanks

      3. Hi Richard,
        please contact me about 1992 British Gp
        I’ll send to you by priority mail, no cost for dvd.
        It’s a gift :)
        Please send your complete address
        Many thanks

      4. Hi Richard, I’ve got every GP since 1979, so every GP that Nigel drove in, plus loads of documentaries and other things. I’m in Berkshire. If you email me on I’ll send you lists! Best wishes, Rod

  10. I’ve only started recording since I built my HTPC – so I’ve every race and qualifying session since Spa 2005, and assorted other races that fell off the back of the internet (a lot of 1996).

  11. The BBC has begun re-publish old footage, starting with the 1986 and 1994 Australian Grands Prix. However because of the restrictions placed on the rights by Formula One Management these videos are not available outside Britain.

    could you please somebody explain me this in a more extensive way? Do you mean that you can buy tapes/DVD in Britain stores with old races?

    1. No, they just have access to the classic footage from the FOM archives, which they put up at various times on the website and the Red Button on digital TV here in Britain.

  12. Jonesracing82
    9th April 2009, 9:05

    i most certainly do, have all season reviews and am now starting to keep all of the good races, the dull ones i simply tape over!
    have all oz gp’2 now thx to torrents (wanted them cos i live in Melbourne and miss the Adelaide event, i’d love the season to start in Melb and finish in Adelaide but that will never happen). astonishingly, the ’08 DVD is still not officially released here, i have had to order it in and that was 3 weeks ago for no result yet!

  13. Pete Walker
    9th April 2009, 9:08

    I started recording F1 in 1997, starting with the Australian GP (also ITV’s first GP). At first it was just highlights shows, but it quickly became full races and then qualifying was added into the mix. I carried on this practice for a decade, from videos through to DVD-Rs. But half way through 2007 I decided to call it a day because of a) the increasing availability of full races online and b) it became a real chore. Its much better to be able to just sit back and enjoy the coverage these days without worrying about recording arrangements, safe in the knowledge that the races are always available anyway if you know where to look.

    I still have the boxes of videos and discs, but I imagine they’re not in the best of shape these days.

    Its nice to know I’m not the only one whose obsession drove him to try and capture every second of F1. :)

  14. LOL!! I thought I was sad when I recorded every race and highlights from the 1991 and 1992 seasons, kept them in a box and never really looked at them again. Gave them away to a mate a few years back.

    Reading these comments, all of a sudden I feel quite normal… ;-)

    ps. All tongue-in-cheek, I think its great that you guys do this.

  15. If I ever get sorted I will probably start recording qualifying and races onto DVD or hard drive, but I haven’t done it in the past because of the resources needed, you would need a VHS tape per weekend and then somewhere to store them, and then I would probably end up like a previous poster who said they were unlikely to go back and watch them.

    FOM remove video clips from sites like YouTube, but from what I can tell they don’t offer a comparable service. They haven’t even released old season reviews on DVD yet. It is a missed opportunity and they haven’t really moved with the times.

    1. Pete Walker
      9th April 2009, 14:05

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m sure I’m not the only one here who would aim to collect all the season review DVDs from 1950-2008 if they’d just get around to making them.

      Another great potential source of revenue completely overlooked by FOM…

  16. Got every race and qualifying sessions from Bahrain 2006 onwards on DVD

    1. need Abu Dhabi F1 2009 race video

  17. I used to record them in the early 90’s. I would go back frequently and replay them too. I had the Donington, Silverstone, and Canada from ’93. Hockenheim ’92, plus Silverstone, Hockenheim and Interlagos from ’94.

    Watching the ’86 and ’94 races broadcast on the Beeb recently was an eerie experience. Seeing them on telly ‘as was’ made it feel very recent. Historically, it is an interesting appreciation of how much – and how little – the sport has changed.

  18. I had 89-96 at one point, but my wife threw them out when we moved a few years back. 89-92 were on betamax, as I had that in my bedroom at the time! Depending on how much tape I had to spare, it would be full race or just the highlights.

    I have all the DVD/VHS reviews back to 92.

    I’ve just started to replace some of the full races with torrent downloads but here’s hoping FOM bring out some kind of service where we can watch them online. Nothing better than sitting down with a beer and watching a quality race from the old days!!

  19. I have full races of 1997, 1998, 1999, 2007, 2008 and (hopefully) 2009 and season reviews from 2000 to 2008. While I was eating my supper or breakfast, I watch randomly. That is so much fun.

  20. As a kid had to tape the races because they were past my bedtime here in Aus.
    Now I’m grown up I use torrents to keep an archive, and for my little brother who doesn’t get coverage where he lives. Its nice to know its all out there somewhere on the interwebs :D

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