Do you have an F1 video collection?

The F1 Fanatic video vault*

The F1 Fanatic video vault*

Here’s one of the question I get asked very often:

I missed the Grand Prix last weekend ?ǣ is there anywhere I can get a copy of it?

Obviously I thought it would be a good idea to write a post where I answer that question.

But it also got me wondering whether many fans collect F1 races to watch again in the future? Or has the advent of the internet and time-shift viewing consigned the practice to the past?

Meticulously recording every F1 race is definitely one of the signs you?re an F1 fanatic.

But without dedicated fans and their massive personal archives we wouldn?t be able to enjoy so much classic F1 footage on video sharing sites like Youtube ?ǣ which are, of course, uploaded in defiance of Formula One Management?s wishes

Until recently the best way to keep footage of entire races was to record it yourself on video cassette. DVD and hard disk recorders have largely replaced those.

The internet has given fans new ways of ‘unofficially’ downloading races. Many sites offer torrent downloads of races and other sessions, but there are doubts over their legality.

Broadcasters are finally waking up to the demand for archive race footage. The BBC has begun re-publish old footage, starting with the 1986 and 1994 Australian Grands Prix. However because of the restrictions placed on the rights by Formula One Management these videos are not available outside Britain.

But this won’t trouble die-hard collectors armed with a stack of videos, DVDs or hard drives, recording races from public broadcasts.

Have you got your own collection of old F1 videos? How long have you been collecting them for? Or is there just no point now you can watch everything on YouTube?

I?d particularly like to hear from anyone who?s been recording Formula 1 for decades and has an entire wall of their house covered in F1 videos. Photographic proof can be uploaded to the – and you can remain anonymous if you choose!

*Not really, it’s a photograph by august allen on Flickr

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145 comments on Do you have an F1 video collection?

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  1. Racingbert said on 20th August 2011, 9:31

    Hi Guys

    I have updated my list after a very long time. Here you can find it

  2. rod hawkins said on 10th September 2011, 11:48

    I have every race since 1979 if that’s of interest!

  3. kalle aaltonen said on 10th September 2011, 16:01

    Can you give to me your email ,i will send my list to you


  4. Hi everybody
    My web site is
    Inside you’ll find my list and much more…
    Many thanks in advance!

  5. Kalle, can you send me your list?

    You can see my lists on my website:


    • Mark I’m still waiting…I haven’t forget…

    • Mark, two of your F1 videos in your list has some mistakes when you mention recordings from Brazilian TV stations, as TV Globo or TV Cultura. The language spoken in these videos is not Spanish, but Portuguese. Always Portuguese, because we don’t speak Spanish here in Brazil.

      – Ayrton Senna – Roda Viva Interviews 1986
      – Ayrton Senna Funeral

  6. We are looking for F1 traders / Collectors.

    Email me @ for more info.


  7. I have a collection of about 40 F1 races & quite a few Australian Bathurst 1000 races from the 80’s & early 90’s if you guys have heard of that.
    I have over 1100 sporting events total on my website & would love to trade for more F1 races.

  8. Hi ! Best wishes and Happy New Year from the “F1 video collector” :)

  9. Vic (@hendrix666) said on 9th December 2013, 15:55

    Just stumbled across this. I almost have my entire collection properly organized. Anyone still active on the swapping front? If so, i will finish my work and provide my list. I have every race from 1978 onwards plus a bunch of earlier stuff, docs, reviews etc etc.

  10. Elwood said on 9th December 2013, 21:59

    6 pages of responses! it’s great to see that this topic is still alive and kicking! :) fantastic that there are so many people out there that want to swap these old races and all of these contact references of people on this thread that are interested in sharing these, all the power to ya’ GodSpeed!

  11. Hi guys,
    I’m an Italian collector, I’m looking for F1 traders or videos collectors.
    My web site is
    my twitter account

  12. fouad said on 2nd April 2014, 4:39

    Without being selfish, I believe I got the best Formula One Video collection from 1980 onward.
    All In english, and with the best footage possible, and full races too, no reviews.
    it took me years to achieve it, and still working on making it better.
    So if you’re interested, send me a message at

  13. Oli (@dh1996) said on 12th May 2014, 21:08

    Is anyone still active in this topic? I recently lost part of my collection due to a faulty harddrive.
    I am looking for about 20 races between 2000 and 2006. Other than the few I’m missing, I have every race from 1979 to today, all in english. No season reviews, only full races.

  14. Racingbert said on 25th January 2015, 16:51

    Hi, i’m looking for the qlf of 1992. Are here mayby some people who has it on vhs tapes (Original, no copys)

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