F1 links: Diffusers ‘legal’ says Mail

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Formula One championship leader Button to be told his Brawn car is legal

"A paddock insider has revealed the court will be reluctant to contradict two sets of stewards who declared the diffusers legal before the Australian and Malaysian grands prix."

Don’t blame Hamilton for lying when it goes on all the time in F1

"The only genuinely credible voice I've heard about the whole affair came from David Coulthard, who said: 'What the public has to understand is that when you go into a stewards' meeting you try to present yourself in the best possible light to get the result you want – not being penalised. It is part of the sport, whether people like it or not.'"

More on that Ferrari reshuffle

"Meanwhile there is some rumour that Ferrari will turn up in Shanghai with a double decker diffuser. This is not the case, apparently. A modified car was shaken down at Vairano last Friday before being shipped out and it features some minor updates to the diffuser as well as the front wing and wheel covers. But it is not a step change in performance, which the double decker diffuser and floor would give. A B spec version of the F60 is expected in Barcelona (presuming that the appeal today fails). The way things are looking Barcelona is going to be like a new start to the season with a bunch of new car launches!"

An F1 track in Ontario?

"Now Kuwaiti bank Bayt Al Mal has announced that it is to fund construction of a one-mile oval complete with a 2.5 mile road course at Fort Erie, on the Canadian side. The aim is to create a home for NASCAR in Canada, but there has already been speculation that the circuit could also become the home of the Canadian Grand Prix."

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