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McLaren brings new diffuser to China 16th April 2009, 21:55

McLaren have brought a new diffuser solution to China which seems to use some of the concept of the ‘double decker diffuser’ that was passed legal by the FIA earlier this week: (Original image) F1 Fanatic’s tech expert John Beamer reckons: “Doesn’t look as open as Brawn/Williams/Toyota. They’ve only really put on a narrow central […]

The explanations for Dennis’s departure

The timing of Ron Dennis’s announcement that he is stepping down as CEO of McLaren Racing is bound to provoke speculation that it is a consequence of the FIA’s latest investigation of the team. But could Lewis Hamilton and father/manager Anthony have played a role in Dennis’s departure? Or did he quit in the hope […]

Driver rotation is another bad idea

In a recent column for Autosport Tony Dodgins argued that F1 drivers should swap between teams at every race. Max Mosley has suggested a similar scheme many times before. Dodgins is so convinced this radical idea has potential he declared: Sorry, but I can’t really see the downside. Never have done. If anyone wants to […]

McLaren to make major announcement

News that McLaren is to hold a press conference has sparked intense speculation about what they are about to announce. Today’s Times raises the possibility of Ron Dennis severing his ties with the F1 side of the operation. It claims Dennis was implicated in the Hamilton/Trulli controversy at Melbourne: Dennis?s decision to step back is […]

Rubens Barrichello’s career in video (p2)

Journeyer concludes his two-part look at Rubens Barrichello’s F1 career. Rubens Barrichello is the most experienced driver in Formula 1 history – and from the end of 1990s and throughout the 2000s he was usually found mixing it with the leaders and regularly winning races himself. But despite a long spell at multiple championship winners […]

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