Ferrari’s nightmare season continues

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Felipe Massa ran third but retired
Felipe Massa ran third but retired

Ferrari are having their worst start to an F1 season since 1981 as Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa failed to score for the third race in a row.

The defending constructors’ champions reacted to their non-scores in Australia and Malaysia by shifting Luca Baldisserri off the pitwall and promoting Chris Dyer in his place. They also decided not the use their KERS this weekend.

But it didn’t stop the rot. Felipe Massa had a strong start to the race, making up places in the early stages, but came to a halt on lap 20 with a car problem.

Raikkonen, meanwhile, never really figured – losing a lot of places in the opening laps and finishing in tenth.

Massa has already demanded the team put KERS back on the car at the Bahrain race this weekend. But else what should they do to get back on terms with their rivals?

Ferrari last failed to score points in the first three races in 1981, when Gilles Villeneuve and Didier Pironi were driving for the team. The same happened the year before.

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  1. Ferrari needs a Miracle to come back from where they are right now and thats NO WHERE…

    1. what are you talking is a team which has made m.schumacher seven time champion .so they are simply the best .the brawns and the red bulls are using diffusers ,taking an unfair advantage

    2. All the teams are using diffusers, but Brawn, Williams and Toyota initially have made better ones. Renault and Mclaren have now also improved their diffusers into the “unfair” zone.
      Red Bull aren’t even using the controversial diffusers…

      Basically, Ferrari have had their day, I can see them switching to next years car soon, because this years car is so badly wrong.

    3. I think you’ll find that there’s nothing ‘unfair’ about them anyway.

  2. there is no other way but to go up. mark my word. ferrari will finish 1-2 in bahrain.

    1. They’re not expecting significant updates in Bahrain so i don’t see how they can overhaul RedBull, Toyota, Williams and probably McLaren

    2. long live Ferrari
      19th April 2009, 11:50

      hope to see it come true!

    3. You wish!!!
      I am a Ferrari fan and trust me they may well be on the podium with a bit (or shall i say a lot) of luck, but a 1-2 finish, thats just impossible.

    4. Hope not about time some other teams got a crack

  3. @ deric, sorry but i doubt it, i predict a medium points finish, like mclaren in china.

    1. just kidding, I knew it would be impossible. looking on how ferrari fares with other team, they surely have a mountain to climb up. but im not losing faith, they both have excellent drivers at hand, so winning is just just around the corner. let’s wait and see.

  4. Actually I don’t remember any big mistake from Raikkonen that caused the huge drop… Is it Ferrari’s badly-timed pit stop?

  5. Messa retired on lap 20 and not 36 as you say………….

    1. Fixed it.

      Massa was especially unlucky today. Raikkonen was doing nothing and if he’d had the problem he wouldn’t have been missed. But Massa was on for a good result.

  6. Massa showed today that he keeps improving, and it is possible to notice it even with Ferrari’s drop of performance.

    He behaved really well under heavy rain today, and could have finished easily in fifth, behind the Red Bulls and the Brawns…

    Raikkonen, otherwise, isn’t helping the Scuderia at all…

    1. Raikkonen fan here!!!!

      Raikkonen, I think has been doing a better job than Massa up until now, he has out qualified him twice, and only struggled today and in Malaysia because he had technical problems with the car. Kimi is one of the strongest drivers there, and let Hamilton pass him because he knew he Hamilton would overtake him anyway with the KERS and his engine failing.

    2. May i also add to that, the fact that the car seems to be worse than any team when it comes to preserving their tires, as well as the fact that the car is RUBBISH!

    3. At the beginning it wasn’t too bad, but then I didn’t really have any grip, so it was a bit hard to stay on the circuit and all the other cars were fast, so they got past me.we probably don’t have the same downforce as the others.we are missing downforce through the corners.

  7. Also note Raikkonen was complaining about his car (the engine in particular) so he may not be completely at fault for being so low down in the order. Of course, I’m probably wrong… In any case Ferrari really needs to push for performance (both from the drivers and the cars).

  8. This is good for F1, to have a different crop of teams at the front creates even more competition, Ferrari have the resources to fight back, it will be exciting to watch the season unfold

  9. KingHamilton&co
    19th April 2009, 11:16

    the new order of F1 has arrived.

    Ferrari will get better, it wont quite be a case of 1980 again, they’ll get a victory or two, but nothing much more.

  10. Well I honestly believe that they started to feel untouchable and now they are paying the price. It also appear that right now they do not have someone willing to stick his head on the chopping board to steer the team out of the storm. One thinks without the diffuser cannot go on (wrong!! look who won today)Others thinks to bin the KERS, one driver want the KERS back from next race…If I would have to face Mr. Montezzemolo on Monday briefing..I will make sure I bring an helmet along with me….

  11. It’s a pity that Massa couldn’t continue because of his car. He was amazing today. I think he was in 3rd when the car stopped. Poor Massa…

    1. Massa was P3 because 6 cars in front of him just made a pitstop under safety car conditions.

  12. Kimi was very very slow. If it didn’t come from the car this surely marked the end of partnership with Ferrari. As for Massa he could have finished fifth.
    It’s not as bad as it seems for ferrari, bring Kers and some more downforce back and they could well win in Spain. Not Barhain.

  13. Ferrari mises a strategic and level-headed management which they had in the past, namely Jean Todt and Ross Brawn. Massa put it well – the flamboyant Italians just got too complacent after years of domination.

    1. I don’t think strategy was much to do with it today. The car isn’t reliable enough or quick enough.

    2. not the strategy for the race – the strategy for the whole year(s) :-)

  14. ferrari can qualify in 5th-8th, or up to 2nd if very light(or maybe im just dreaming) but the race is where it counts and they have failed to deliver for 3 races now, mclaren improved on the other hand. maca car are better than in malaysia and australia, both cars in the top 8. hell, torro rosso ferrari beat ferrari again in a race where vettel wins, irony ? buemi scored a point, ferrari none, vettel won. monza 2008 vettel won torro rosso over ferrari, improve your car on raceday ferrari. your strategies too.

  15. Lap 10: “”My engine is not running very well,” Kimi Raikkonen radios back to his Ferrari garage.”

    Was Raikkonen conserving his engine to last the race distance? After Massa’s failure (Lap 20) he most definitely would have been instructed to do so, if he wasn’t doing so already based on his own observation.

    He’s also just not strong in the wet. However, he did bring the car home without any unforced errors, which is a big improvement for him from his recent races.

  16. there are ups and downs.

    this is downtime like 2005, and 1995-1986.

    1) make a car which is reliable enough.
    2) bring back kers because it seems like the whole balance of the F60 is very dependable on kers.
    3) introduce the double diffusor asap.

    and maybe they will clinch a victory or two, get 30-40 points per driver and a 4th-5th position in the constructor championship.

  17. slower than a force india not good enough sutil was ahead easily till he bined it.I here todt was there today stefano’s days are numbered you can’t blame kimi if the car is crap and it is they have no major updates for this race,renault flew a diffuser and afront wing out,mclaren the same what are they doing in marenelo eating bloody pasta they better have 2 brand new cars siting on the front row of the grid in spain or they should all be fired dump that tractor in the bin at the airport when they leave this is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

  18. diseased rat
    19th April 2009, 12:10

    I wonder what Alonso is thinking about his likely future move to Ferrari now?

    1. When he went to Mclaren, he moved from a Championship winner car to a non-winner one, so i guess he takes in account more facts than only car performance.

  19. This is the bad karma in action for having received the extra money from Bernie and preferential treatment from Mo

    Alonso, stay away from these people!

  20. Hi there.
    Just to ask you to check, I guess the last time it happened for Ferrari was 1981 and not 1980. Anyway, long long time ago.

    Great site yours

    1. You’re right – they had two years in a row where they didn’t score in the first three races.

      They did recover to win twice in ’81 though.

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