Ferrari’s nightmare season continues

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Felipe Massa ran third but retired
Felipe Massa ran third but retired

Ferrari are having their worst start to an F1 season since 1981 as Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa failed to score for the third race in a row.

The defending constructors’ champions reacted to their non-scores in Australia and Malaysia by shifting Luca Baldisserri off the pitwall and promoting Chris Dyer in his place. They also decided not the use their KERS this weekend.

But it didn’t stop the rot. Felipe Massa had a strong start to the race, making up places in the early stages, but came to a halt on lap 20 with a car problem.

Raikkonen, meanwhile, never really figured – losing a lot of places in the opening laps and finishing in tenth.

Massa has already demanded the team put KERS back on the car at the Bahrain race this weekend. But else what should they do to get back on terms with their rivals?

Ferrari last failed to score points in the first three races in 1981, when Gilles Villeneuve and Didier Pironi were driving for the team. The same happened the year before.

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  1. longlive Ferrari
    20th April 2009, 9:07

    gimme some money. i’ll throw a party in monaco the day i get to listen this from a commentator’s mouth

    “Yes, Ferrari have done it, they’re back with a bang!”

    i’ll pay for the airfare too. :)

  2. don worry guys ferrari wll b back soon,but i hav to tell u all tat without schumacher ther is no ferrari.i feel in 2005 the car was worst than tis.but he brought home 62 points.

  3. Massa’s was a software problem. Kimi’s was water getting in the engine. According to Kimi, he felt the loss of power when he was getting close to cars ahead of him, but stops when he is ahead of those cars or much further behind them. I’m surprised he couldn’t figure out it was the water. Every car suffers some performance shortfall in the wet especially when tailing another car in very wet conditions.

  4. Its a good thing they then removed the KERS from their cars. Might have caused serious problems if water got into KERS. by the way, what are the rules regarding KERS for 2010. Must all teams be fitted with them for 2010 season? If so then that plus the bigger heavier Fuel tank will make the cars balance even a bigger problem than this year

  5. Obviously Ferrari will never really stop trying this season, and I am sure they will capture a few decent results before the year is out. But Bahrain will tell a great deal about them, as the team and Massa in particular have done very well there recently. If they still struggle with pure pace- never mind the reliability- then it will set a very bad tone for the rest of the season.

  6. Anyone else feel as if Ferrari are heading back to the pre Todt/Brawn/Schumacher era of getting things wrong year after year or am I jumping the gun?

    Massa would win the championship given the right car, not sure about Kimi anymore so maybe to get them back to where they were perhaps it will take another “super team” type approach as they started to build in 1995/96.

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