Vettel scores Red Bull’s maiden win

Sebastian Vettel dominated the Chinese Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel dominated the Chinese Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel has scored his second career win – and given Red Bull their first Formula 1 victory.

Just as he did for Toro Rosso at Monza last year, Vettel gave the team their first pole position yesterday and was rarely headed in the wet race.

Team mate Mark Webber took second, handing Red Bull a maiden one-two as well.

The Milton Keynes-based team, formerly known as Stewart and Jaguar, has been in F1 since 2005.

Johnny Herbert won the 1999 European Grand Prix for Stewart the Nurburgring, but this is the first win for the team since it became Red Bull.

Championship standings after China

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52 comments on Vettel scores Red Bull’s maiden win

  1. m0tion said on 19th April 2009, 10:42

    Vettel was very cool and consistent, Mark found a single puddle again when asked to push that cost him the challenge for the race. Great drive by Sutil which confirms him right up there with the best ever wet drivers and as he has so little aero downforce he was more on the edge than anyone. Barrichello should have been there so I suspect he had car trouble. I think RBR won it by selecting a higher downforce aero anticipating the wet.

  2. I tipped Red Bull before the start of the season to take out the WCC and I am even more confident now. With the new diffuser and chassis they will dominate at Spain the same way Brawn did in Australia.

    I am surprised at how poorly Toyota and Williams have performed. It suggests that once we have diffuser parity both teams will drop to the back of the midfield. Their cars are not stable in the wet – which is a bad sign.

    McLaren are performing consistently and have their drivers to thank. Lewis seemed to have over-steer problems today so I wouldn’t blame his problems today on his drive – which was otherwise excellent.

    Piquet needs to go, asap. He has a decent car yet couldn’t move from the back of the field. Sutil showed what a good driver can do in the wet with poor machinery and if Alonso had a better backup driver they should readily be taking away at least 2-3 points every race weekend.

    Ferrari seem to have big problems, to the point of where it seems now that it would take a new, fresh long-term plan with a refreshed team to see them out the front again.

    Otherwise an excellent race. I would say the championship now comes down to Button / Vettel and Brawn / Red Bull.

  3. Filipe said on 19th April 2009, 10:43

    Did Raikonnen set some kind of record of how many t8imes a driver is overtaked without a mistake? Everytime he showeds up on TV there were someone else trying to make a pass at him.

  4. andy said on 19th April 2009, 10:49

    Well done vettel,great to see people on the podium SMILING.
    Oh dear ferrari,mclaren LOL
    looks like titles between jenson vetal barra.
    THANK GOD (if there is a god up there)the l hamilton ROADSHOW has stopped may it continue!!!

  5. the Sri lankan said on 19th April 2009, 10:56

    I Wander what on earth happened to Toyota. are they going backwards as usual? im a huge Toyota fan but its almost unbelievable watching Jarno loosing upto two positions per lap before crashing out in that car when his team mate ( who was my driver of the Day) pulling a massive result from nothing. i hope they sort tings out before bahrain because this is unacceptable. does anyone know if this is due to their new double diffuser not working out?

  6. matt said on 19th April 2009, 10:56

    McLaren seem to have taken a step forward. Hamilton looked unbeatable when he wasn’t flying off the track, Vettel drove well, although I’d love to see if the Red Bulls would have had the same advantage in the dry.

  7. really enjoyed that! vettel is a class act for sure.

    on another note well done the bbc great coverage yet again. the legard and brundle pairing sounding better every race i also thought mike gascoyne was really good.

  8. iBlaze said on 19th April 2009, 11:20

    Great race, well-deserved for Red Bull.

    Again, shame for Sutil, but is it just me or are the wheel tethers just not working at all this season?

    First we had Kubica’s wheels flying in Melbourne and now Sutil’s came straight off in a crash where they really shouldn’t have. Quite dangerous actually.

    Anyway, let’s hope Red Bull can keep up this pace in the dry and give Brawn a run for their money in the championship.

  9. iBlaze said on 19th April 2009, 11:29

    Of course, this also means that still no driver has won more than once in China…

    04 – Barrichello
    05 – Alonso
    06 – Schumacher
    07 – Raikkonen
    08 – Hamilton
    09 – Vettel

  10. Heh, will have to see if their sales of the drink will shoot up this week :p

  11. HounslowBusGarage said on 19th April 2009, 11:58

    Will there be more changes in the Ferari team after that showing? Not sure why Massa stopped, though.
    Why do you think Reubens was so slow in the middle part of the race? Could it just be that the Brawn’s aren’t quite so good in the rain after all? We know Barrichelo *is* good in the wet.
    There was an article here a while ago about Adrian Newey versus Schumacher, I think. If anyone can recall the title, could they post a link, it would stand reading again. It looks as though Newey has come up trumps again – if the car can be adapted to deal with a DDD, it could be fantastic.

  12. benno said on 19th April 2009, 11:59

    redbull: drink sucks, but cars and drivers are great. With a super diffuser the Newy cars are championship winners. Just like cool balls Vettel.

  13. Smitty said on 19th April 2009, 12:01

    Red Bull Cola is where it’s at.

    Oh, and the team is pretty good too.

  14. luky said on 19th April 2009, 12:12

    if (!) vettel wins this year championship he will be the youngest wdc after fittipaldi (24), alonso (23) and hamilton (23).

    until buemi comes along!

  15. StrFerrari4Ever said on 19th April 2009, 13:23

    Oh this feels so good :D get in there Sebastian a great display. Mark Webber good second place & the action in the midfield was great Buemi surely wouldve finished higher if it wasn’t for him hitting Vettel but he showed that he could be one for the future to challenge Vettel.

    Ferrari oh dear oh dear no points and seemingly being overtaken by Mclaren in development surely this wont continue for long but i’m still buzzing Vettel BabySchumi indeed this year could be his you never know

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