Vettel scores Red Bull’s maiden win

Sebastian Vettel dominated the Chinese Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel dominated the Chinese Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel has scored his second career win – and given Red Bull their first Formula 1 victory.

Just as he did for Toro Rosso at Monza last year, Vettel gave the team their first pole position yesterday and was rarely headed in the wet race.

Team mate Mark Webber took second, handing Red Bull a maiden one-two as well.

The Milton Keynes-based team, formerly known as Stewart and Jaguar, has been in F1 since 2005.

Johnny Herbert won the 1999 European Grand Prix for Stewart the Nurburgring, but this is the first win for the team since it became Red Bull.

Championship standings after China

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52 comments on Vettel scores Red Bull’s maiden win

  1. Red Bull the drink is nice :D. Kudos to Vettel, the man can do no wrong if he starts from pole in a wet race.

  2. Sush Meerkat said on 19th April 2009, 13:42

    Once again, Kubica hates Trulli, smashes into him out of spite.
    A rookie torro rosso driver hits a red bull in the rain behind safety car.

    I’ve seen this race before, its Chinada 2007!

    • Kovy said on 19th April 2009, 14:01

      Pretty amazing that Kubica was still able to overtake other drivers with that car, let alone continue. Good race.

      Kovalainen seems to have improved over last year. Piquet and Nakajima again showed why they would be best suited to NOT driving an F1 car. Fisichella should probably retire soon, too. Speaking of retirements, I was hoping to see Kimi get another WDC, but at the moment it’s not looking too good for that. He peaked in 2005.

      Finally, as much as I hate to complain, Channel 10 sunk to a new level of bad with their broadcasting. The race commenced live in China at 5PM local time, and I watched it over the internet. I’m glad I did that – Channel 10 was advertising that they were broadcasting the grand prix “live” at 11:15PM that night – but at 9PM, they announced the winners in the news, spoiling the race for every Australian F1 fan who also happened to be watching TV tonight.

    • Ben said on 20th April 2009, 0:19

      Digital is your friend.

      It was live on ONE. Ten never broadcast outside races live.

  3. Vettel rain master bla bla bla
    Ok hi takes his 2 wins in the rain but starting from pole
    Lets see him begin from a middle of the field.
    Previous rain master (LH) spinning 5 or 6 times today because hi was fighting for positions. Let see Vettel in those kind of situation before we call him the king.

    • matt said on 20th April 2009, 1:57

      That’s what I was thinking. there’s no denying he’s good, and the same with Sutil. Until we see them Sutil and Vettel in reasonable cars fighting for possitions, it’s hard to judge how good they really are. After all, Webber was similarly fast yet he’s never been called a great rain-driver has he?

    • Jay Menon said on 20th April 2009, 2:12

      Hey, Lewis won two races in the wet and he was labelled the rain meister as well.

      Look, lets looks at it this way, if there is one person who deserves the tag rain meister on the current grid, its Ruebens, simply because he’s done it so many times, his track record in the wet is proof enough. Micheal Schumacher didn’t get the tag of Rain Meister after 2 seasons in F1, he earned the tag over the years with consistent performances in the rain.

      Whatever said and done, Vettel drove a great race from the front, didn’t put a foot wrong, his consistency was frightening at times. He strung 10 laps in the low 1 min 54s one after the other.

  4. Oliver said on 19th April 2009, 14:12

    What I’d like to know is why Webber was called the the pits before Vettel. I assumed he had more fuel in his car than Vettel.

  5. m0tion said on 19th April 2009, 14:21

    Oilver, mark weighs more than vettel.

  6. James said on 19th April 2009, 14:42

    @ m0tion… Whay should that make a difference? The cars with either Vettel or Webber sat in them will still weigh 605kg.

  7. I was surprised by the fact that God Save the Queen was played for Red Bull Racing. I thought they ran on an Austrian licence.

  8. Oliver said on 19th April 2009, 20:58

    Ahh M0tion, got it..This is real confusing stuff. So webber was lighter..I really see the light. I guess the FIA would now have to publish each driver’s weight well at least once.

  9. Oliver said on 19th April 2009, 21:00

    To be honest I thought I was hearing God save Mclaren from the FIA.

  10. Great race ! Fantastic result for RBR and very joyous to see Webber on the podium.

    Some surprising performances back in the pack though, *** were Renault thinking putting Alonso on such a heavy fuel load in the rain? And as for Nelson “Pirouette” Piquet, he might be looking for a new job sooner rather than later. Shame about Sutil, I was really hoping he could snag a point or two. Same goes for Buemi.

    And the less said about Ferrari the better…

  11. Jay Menon said on 20th April 2009, 2:17

    This was a great race, lthough the first six laps behind the SC seemed at eternity. Kudos to Vettel and Webber for driving a great race. The entertainment value of this race was great too, the tussle between Jenson and Webber for second was class.

    Interesting to see Kovy finish ahead of Lewis, I bet he’d hate that. Pity to see Alonso down in 9th, the rain messed up his strategy of running light on super softs for the first 10 laps. Having said that, he could have scored some decent points of he hadn’t spun out, what a shame, very uncharacteristic of Alonso.

    Ferrari seem to have a long glum trip to back to Maranello. Kimi was utterly disappointing, but that could be down the engine problem was reported to have. Massa faired slightly better, I believe that he could have grabbed a few points if it wasn’t for the malfunction.

    Can’t wait for the next race!!

  12. Gman said on 20th April 2009, 3:40

    With the new Red Bull car, Vettel is going to be a major force for the rest of the season. The drive today was great, but the really impressive thing about the whole weekend was his performance in Q3 yesterday-absolutley unreal.

    I was also happy to see Webber get a good result, hopefully he’ll make it to that top step one of these days before the season is out.

  13. DGR-F1 said on 20th April 2009, 8:19

    Great race, great racing! Its always good when the rain makes everything so unpredictable, but what on earth was going on behind the SC at the beginning when cars fell off the track at low speed? Pay attention back there!
    Lovely pictures of McLaren vs Ferrari and Force India vs Ferrari, and well done to most drivers for good overtaking in horrible conditions.
    And of course well done Vettel, Webber and RBR. Now where is the argument about DDDs? They weren’t using it!
    I personally am hoping for a complete season not dominated by the traditional battle between Ferrari and McLaren, as its much better racing when they aren’t around!

  14. andy said on 20th April 2009, 11:51

    great result for vettel,but our jens will romp away with the title.
    that boys class.

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