F1 links: No new RB4 diffuser until Monaco

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Q & A with Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey: "We won't have a double-diffuser before Monaco."

Injured Schumacher Skips Superbike Race

"Michael Schumacher is unable to drive a racing car or bike at present as he is still recovering from his crash at Spain's Cartagena circuit in February."

Interested to see how the weather turns out

Nick Heidfeld on Bahrain: "I enjoy racing here. The modern facilities and the layout of the track itself are very much to my liking. I think the section from the fifth to the last but one corner has been particularly well designed. You have to make something of a compromise here on the aerodynamic front. On the one hand, all the slow corners demand high levels of downforce, but on the other, the track is very wide and offers plenty of opportunities for overtaking. So for that reason, you also need good top speed. Because of the slow corners, traction and brake balance also play a significant role."

What on earth is Formula 1 doing in China?

"F1 seems to believe that going to China is a good thing. It certainly works for Bernie Ecclestone and his chums in suits with CVC name tags. They are making a killing out of the Chinese. Thus it was no real surprise that during the Chinese GP weekend Bernie let it be known that he has signed a new deal for the race to stay at the venue. This was big news in Shanghai and Bernie was mobbed by the local press (see my blog for more details). He did not say how long for but just before the Australian GP he told me it was for seven more years. This will no doubt work wonders for the Formula One Management bank account as China is rumoured to be paying as much as $50m a year."

McLaren Electronic Systems receives Queen’s award for enterprise

McLaren Grou, has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for designing the standard engine control unit used in F1 since last year.

Toyota F1 to shed up to 150 jobs

"Toyota has revealed that it is to make as many as 150 redundancies within its Formula 1 team between now and the end of the year, as the global credit crunch continues to be felt in full force at the heart of the world's most glamorous and expensive sport."

The future of FOTA – and why it is important

"Flavio is now suggesting that Brawn should not be paid the TV monies earned by Honda for last year. This has sent the media hounds up another blind alley, a very skanky piece of meat. This means that they are not focussing on Renault's failures. It is a classic diversionary tactic: create a flash-bang somewhere else and let people rush to that." I'm so tired of this flawed kind of reasoning – the same idea that just when the FIA announced its 'most wins' rule in March it somehow 'distracted' people from the equally questionable budget cap proposal. It's not a "classic diversionary tactic", it's a whinge.

Q & A with Timo Glock

"I definitely have a much better feeling with the slick tyres. Last year one of the main points I had to work on was understanding the grooved tyres because they behave very differently to slicks and I didn't have so much experience of them. For me it has been no problem to move back; I have driven nearly my whole career on slicks so it makes life easier this season. Of course, with the different compounds for each race, it is still a big challenge to get the best out of the tyres but I feel at home on slicks."

McLaren aims to exploit its racing skills

Norbert Haug tells it like it is: “We lost already six points in Australia by our own faults and also in Malaysia we should have scored more than one point. In China we achieved for the first time what was achievable, but fifth and sixth places cannot be the target for the team starting with numbers 1 and 2 on their cars." (Thanks Mahesh!)

Haug: Senna wanted F1 promise

Norbert Haug on Bruno Senna: "We discussed it and he wanted to have a firm commitment to get into F1. I spoke to Ross [Brawn] and Martin [Whitmarsh] and we said 'yes, we can develop options, but we cannot guarantee it 100 per cent. The background is we tried it but if you want to jump into it you need to be hot, you need to dream day and night of it and maybe he did not dream day and night of it. But it is fair enough, that is okay."

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