Martin Brundle’s old car

Martin Brundle's old car

Martin Brundle’s old car

5 comments on Martin Brundle’s old car

  1. Ronan said on 22nd April 2009, 11:25

    ’95 Jordan in ’96 colours?

  2. Ted Tofield said on 22nd April 2009, 13:37

    That’s not a 1996 Jordan….. paintjob is right but the shape is all wrong….

  3. francois said on 22nd April 2009, 13:40

    Looks like an older Jordan painted in the 96′ colour scheme there – note the absence of the high sided cockpit as required with the regulations that year in particular.Not sure which Jordan it is , the front nose cone looks very narrow which isn’t the case with any of the Jordan cars up to then.

  4. Ted Tofield said on 22nd April 2009, 13:49

    The nose is wrong for the ’91 model…without checking further i’d guess 92 or 93?

  5. Scott Joslin said on 22nd April 2009, 15:37

    It might be just the angle but that car looks a bit like the Jordan from 1991 but painted gold

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