No F1 game from Codemasters until 2010 ?ǣ unless you?ve got a Wii or PSP

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

F1 2009 logo
F1 2009 logo
The last official F1 video game came
out in 2006 – so there?s a palpable sense of frustration among many race game fans at the news Codemasters? ??next gen? F1 racer is at least another 12 months off.

Codemasters today confirmed rumours that their new F1 title won?t appear until 2010 for top-of-the-range formats like the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

However Nintento Wii and Sony PSP owners will get to play a new game based on the 2009 season this year.

IGN have done a preview of the 2009 game (unfortunately their image gallery isn’t working):

The team are adamant that Formula One 2009 won’t be an infantile take on the sport. Nor, however, will it be the sole reserve of the hardcore who salivate at the prospect of tweaking wing angles. “We’re trying to make an authentic recreation of the sport but at the same time we really want an accessible version,” declares the game’s producer Jason Wakelam.

Screenshots of F1 2009 for Wii and PSP have emerged. But inevitably given the lesser processing power of these machines they are well short of the standard expected from modern racing games.

The first details of the new game emerged a year ago and hundreds of comments have been posted on F1 Fanatic discussing what might be in it.

The wait for the ‘proper’ game goes on – and the delay will only raise expectations that the finished thing will be something really special.

In the meantime, I?m sticking to rFactor and its excellent array of user-generated F1 car and track models.

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