Sebastian Vettel carrying more fuel than Toyotas (Bahrain GP fuel and pit stops)

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Sebastian Vettel is fuelled three laps longer than pole sitter Jarno Trulli
Sebastian Vettel is fuelled three laps longer than pole sitter Jarno Trulli

Jarno Trulli may have taken pole position but Sebastian Vettel is set to stop three laps later than the Toyota driver in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Here’s the fuel weights for each of the drivers and their predicted first stint lengths.

Grid Qualifying Name Weight Fuel (kg) First stint (laps)
1 1 Jarno Trulli 648.5 43.5 12
2 2 Timo Glock 643 38 10
3 3 Sebastian Vettel 659 54 15
4 4 Jenson Button 652.5 47.5 13
5 5 Lewis Hamilton 652.5 47.5 13
6 6 Rubens Barrichello 649 44 12
7 7 Fernando Alonso 650.5 45.5 12
8 8 Felipe Massa 664.5 59.5 17
9 9 Nico Rosberg 670.5 65.5 19
10 10 Kimi Raikkonen 671.5 66.5 20
11 11 Heikki Kovalainen 678.5 73.5 22
12 12 Kazuki Nakajima 680.9 75.9 23
13 13 Robert Kubica 698.6 93.6 29
14 14 Nick Heidfeld 696.3 91.3 28
15 15 Nelson Piquet Jnr 677.6 72.6 22
16 17 Sebastien Buemi 678.5 73.5 22
17 18 Giancarlo Fisichella 652 47 13
18 19 Mark Webber 656 51 14
19 16 Adrian Sutil* 679 74 22
20 20 Sebastien Bourdais 667.5 62.5 18

*Three-place penalty

A few other things to note:

  • Jarno Trulli and Jenson Button both out-qualified their team mates despite carrying more fuel
  • Mark Webber is starting light in a bid to make up places
  • Both the BMWs are fuelled very heavily

How the pit stop predictions were calculated: 1. Deduct minimum weight of 605kg. 2. Divide fuel load by average of 2.879kg per lap (source: Williams) 3. Deduct three laps for grid lap, formation lap and extra left in tank before first stop.

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Bahrain Grand prix pit stop predictions (click to enlarge)
Bahrain Grand prix pit stop predictions (click to enlarge)

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  1. wow. This Vettel character is pretty quick, huh?

    1. Can I ask what Webber did in another life to warrant so much damn bad luck?

  2. Trulli really is a 1 lap magician, He’s even got more fuel than Glock!

  3. Everybody reasonably filled.

    From 643kg (Timo), to 671,5kg (Kimi) – only from the first 10.

    I was expecting a bigger difference from the Toyotas, Vettel and Alonso… And the Brawn are not that heavy, so they really loose some competitiveness…

    Also Hamilton is heavier than Alonso and Barrichello

    It’s going to be a pretty busy time at those pits when the pit windows open!….

    1. Yeah Hamilton’s time was a bit of a surprise – the MP4/24 is obviously getting better but he must have done a pretty decent lap as well.

    2. Hamilton has been quickest in S1 all weekend. He falls off in S2.

      Hamilton definitely got a great lap in. The McLaren is surely improving, but I don’t think it’s more than 3 tenths faster than the Renault on equal fuel.

      On another note, Ferrari clearly favors Massa over Raikkonen. They fueled him three laps less than Iceman. It’s absolutely horrendous the way they are treating Raikkonen relative to Massa. They’ve fueled him lighter in each Q3 session in which they’ve both made it, and they compromised Raikkonen’s race with a stupid pit call in Malaysia. Have they forgotten that Raikkonen is the one who is the world champion and elite talent?

    3. Alonso put in a poor lap. Hamilton’s was on par.

      BTW Hamilton was 6th in Q2 at China, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he can be quick in Q2 again.

      His current position seems fuel load based though. In Q2 he was 8th.

  4. Looks like both BMW will play a one stop strategy

  5. Do the Ferraris know something others don’t? Kimi seemed to have a reasonably good pace in Q2, why would they throw the pace advantage away by loading up the cars with fuel similar to the Q2 (11-15) guys?

    1. The first 7 cars are all likely going to use supersofts in the first stint and Ferrari isn’t. Also James Allen said Ferrari manage to let Kimi without new supersofts for Q3, so he had no shot there anyway.

    2. It seems Ferrari keeps running out of tyres for Kimi…

  6. Disappointing if you are a Brawn fan as they seem to be falling down the order already, they will be mid table by mid season unless they improve their car.

    1. They got a major update planned for Spain – but so do a lot of their rivals…

    2. I think their main problem will be that their car has already been developed much further than the others. They won’t be able to develop as fast as the other teams, but I still think that they are among the favourites for both titles.

  7. This time around, the weight don’t change the times so much. Apart from Glock and Vettel there is not such big difference between the first 7 guys. The other 3 were slowest and they have the heaveir cars.
    Vettel times shows 2 things, he’s damn quick and the RB5 is indeed a very good car (and remember no double-deck diffuser there).

    Let’s see if the 1 stop strategy for the BMW’s work. Only the resistence of the super-soft tyre can tell, but they also might not due a 1-stop, but actually have 2 very short-stints after the first one

  8. Vettel is looking very strong. I think Lewis will jump Button at the start.

    A Trulli train will make things very exciting, with a number of good racers bunched up and looking to attack at the first mistake. I hope Glock jumps Trulli and gets away, I’d like to see him win.

    Raikkonen needs to track Rosberg and jump him during the pit stops (I’m convinced Kimi has forgotten how to defend and pass on the track) while fending off Heiki. With him doing that and at least one attrition up front, we’ll finally see both Ferraris score points this weekend. Both the drivers and strategists need to focus on doing an error-free race with no fancy attempts at going radical.

    Let’s hope there are no sandstorms.

  9. Why was the three place grid penalty for Adrian?

  10. Bigbadderboom
    25th April 2009, 16:59

    @Arun He slowed Webber when Webber was on a flyer.

    Very dissapointed I hoped jenson was heavier than that, very suprised that Lewis’s pace is now a match for the Brawns, I think the early stoppers really need to get their feet down, there are some very long runs down the field, Kimi and Heiki are going long, this has the potential to be a great race.

  11. oh i ate my words on my post on fp2, ferrari did not lose those 2 sec , they have pace. but still their race engineers prefer fueling heavy than the others. haven’t they learned that kimi is at best mediocre when has mor fuel on board? last year he always had more fuel and most of the time it didn’t help his pace, always sleeping.

    again the problem for ferrari is the race, either reliability or other factors(strategy) that’s why they’re strugling.

    vettel is proving that last year’s torro rosso performance isn’t a fluke. what amazing talent. and unless RBR reverts or drops down back to its pre-2009 performance, and ferrari or mclaren (which is much improved than in testing) get their head straight and win races, i don’t see vettel jump ship

  12. The teams that are running KERS, does this make them less fuel efficeint? For example if Lewis, Massa,etc are due in on 13 and 17 respectively does this decrease by a lap or more?? Just wondering???

  13. I reckon theres gunna be a train behind hamilton, what with C.U.R.S.E., So I believe this ones between Vettel & Glock with trulli or hamilton in 3rd.

    I am never right when it comes to predictions though!

  14. @F14EVA,

    I would speculate that KERS would make the cars more fuel efficient, if anything.

    But there may be interactions that I don’t know about that have secondary effects that minimize or turn-around the advantage of regenerative braking (which is actually converting fuel energy that would have been lost as heat, into a usable form).

    1. They should be the same with regards to fuel efficency becuase it gives you extra power. So the power is ON TOP of the usual engine power.

  15. @Chris,

    That would be true if the KERS were deployed when the engine was at maximum power and maximum revs. If this is not the case and the KERS is used much before then, I would think the KERS might help a car achieve it’s top speed (rev limiter) on a straight with less fuel being used to get to that top speed.

    Does that make sense or am I just confused?

    1. I think you are probably right. However i think the kers power does not count towards to the rev limiter i dont know why i think that tho?

  16. John Spencer
    25th April 2009, 17:42

    Keith – James Allen has the cars doing two more laps than your calculations. Who’s right?

    1. James Allen might be forgetting about the lap to the grid and the formation lap, plus the cars presumably don’t come into the pit completely empty.

    2. Exactly how many laps to deduct for going to the pits etc.. is a bit hard to judge. Alternatively, maybe he’s got a different figure for fuel consumption per lap (he hasn’t shown his working, so I can’t tell!)

      Either way, what’s most significant is the difference between the drivers – who’ll stop first and who’ll stop last – and on that the two sets of figures seem to be broadly in agreement.

    3. Keith, could you compare your pit-predictions against the real stops for the previous races? That would give us a feeling of how trustful can be in general (and you could correct your future predictions if, for example, you’re getting consistently a 3 lap bias). China won’t be meaningful, in any case :-)

    4. I’m keeping an eye on it, but as you say the data for China is useless.

  17. Nice one from Toyota, although the fuel loads are significanly lower than the rests’ of the front runners. Vettel? What can I say- cool as ever…Expect both BMWs to move up at the start and further as the race continues. Also HAM should gain a few spots, good luck to him. Might be an interesting race. See you all on liveblog 2moro.

  18. As Hamilton said, the reason they are a lot closer is because this track doesn’t have very fast corners, so their downforce deficiency is not so obvious.

    Vettel has the fastest and the most well balanced car on the grid, pity for Webber he got lost in the crowed.

    I wonder how BMW will use the super soft tyres for an extended duration.

    For the sake of humanity, I just hope Ferrari don’t mess this race up.

  19. I’m still laughing about Sutil taking the slipstream on Webber. That took the cake.

  20. KingHamilton&co
    25th April 2009, 18:35

    Looks like tommorrows race will be between kates dirty sister, Beardy, the italian one and maybe a Glockenspiel……………..

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