F1 links: More on the Ferrari feud

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F1 can live without Ferrari, says Mosley

Max Mosley: “The sport could survive without Ferrari. It would be very, very sad to lose Ferrari. It is the Italian national team.”

Gillett banking on the best of British

“I understand that. The best way to fund my business, I’ve found, is to get a pound from everyone who thinks we will not have a grand prix here. I could fund Donington’s rebuild a thousand times over."

The rattling of sabres…

"The threat to depart and the FIA's stance that Ferrari is not that important are both charades. Yes, the sport would survive without Ferrari and Ferrari would survive without F1, but both would be poorer if that were the case. All the talk is therefore not to be taken too seriously."

Analysis: 2010 Formula One regulations

More on the impact of the new rules

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