F1 links: More Donington worries

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Three days to save Donington GP

"As to whether Bernie might relent and go back to Silverstone if Donington falls through, we’ll have to wait and see. He’s been negative about it lately, but he needs to leave himself some wriggle room. Just look at how many times he’s said we’re not going back to Magny Cours." But we're not racing at Magny-Cours this year. Oh…

2009 Formula One season, wet & dry – The Big Picture

Excellent pictures of F1 races this year (thanks Gonzalo!)

Ecclestone: twilight races here to stay

'Ecclestone reveals that the money will not be paid to Brawn and he adds it will not be paid out at all if there is not unanimous agreement on who should receive it. "We can keep it," he says. Despite Brawn's success, Ecclestone says it would have been better for the team to have retained their former name. "I opposed the name Brawn," he says, claiming it is "not a good name, doesn't mean anything to the public, better being Honda than Brawn".'

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