‘Most wins’ system confirmed for 2010

The world champion in 2010 will be the driver with the most wins

The world champion in 2010 will be the driver with the most wins

Contrary to what I wrote here yesterday, F1 will be using ‘most victories’ to decide the champion in 2010. Leahonard_e pulled me up for missing a crucial line in the new 2010 regulations:

The Formula One World Championship driver?s title will be awarded to the driver who has been classified first in the greatest number of races, all official results from the Championship season being taken into account. Points will be awarded to all drivers in accordance with Article 6.4 below and, in the event that two or more drivers win an equal number of races, the driver with the greatest number of points will be awarded the driver?s title.

Is the FIA doing the right thing by changing the F1 points system?

The rules for 2010 are starting to look a real headache. We’ve already got teams running to two different sets of technical rules depending on whether they’re competing under the budget cap or not.

And the FIA has confirmed the driver with the most points won’t necessarily be the world champion in 2010 – it will be the driver with the most wins.

It’s not clear from the regulations what the value of a win is in a shortened race. Was Jenson Button victory at Malaysia a ‘whole win’ or a ‘half-win’?

Will the new systen make much of a difference to the championship? And does it disprove the conspiracy theory that the FIA were never interested in introducing the ‘most wins’ system, and only proposed it to deflect attention from the budget cap?

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133 comments on ‘Most wins’ system confirmed for 2010

  1. Ozzi said on 4th May 2009, 12:44

    I have to agree with S Hughes… How many more reasons does the Mosley GESTAPO regime have to give the teams & fans to create a break away series? I don’t understand why it hasn’t happened already!

  2. John H said on 4th May 2009, 12:45

    As I read the regulations from this year Keith, Jenson’s win would have counted as a ‘whole’ win as the race lasted more than 2 laps. I presume it’s the same for next year.

    Oh how I wish in vain for 12pts for a win.

  3. Robert McKay said on 4th May 2009, 12:45

    If they’d implemented it this season, Button, with 3 wins (despite one being a half points win) would be pretty much halfway to the title already – you’d think 6, 7 wins would do it.

    Even though we’re barely a quarter of the way into the season.

    It’s a bad idea and as has been said a million times all we need to do is increase the number of points for a win.

  4. mkh1 said on 4th May 2009, 12:48

    Well it was nice watching F1, but as of next year I’ll take a break from watching it.

    • S Hughes said on 4th May 2009, 13:06

      I will too. What is the point? As someone has said, if Button in the space rocket wins a few more races, if we had the most wins rule, the whole season could be over half way through. And those that say that we are using extreme examples, NO, we are using a real possibility that could happen this year. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! It won’t even be a matter of not wanting to watch next year, it will be more a matter of what’s the bleeding point?

  5. John H said on 4th May 2009, 12:49

    What Bernie also doesn’t seem to fathom (for some inexplicable reason since he’s been in the sport for god knows how long) is that a motor race is not just for first place.

    Now nobody is going to race for 2nd and 3rd for example, or 6th and 7th. What’s the point in risking your life and car if there’s no cahnce of it helping your championship bid.

    Hence less overtaking.
    Utter stupidity as we all know.

  6. Bernard said on 4th May 2009, 12:53

    I agree with the posts here.

    This is an awful rule and was only introduced because Ecclestone demanded so. How a man reponsible for the commercial rights can have such a significant influence over the rules highlights the skewed governance of the sport.

    The teams don’t want it.
    The fans don’t want it.

    But perhaps more importantly, it is solving a problem that doesn’t exsist and creating more questions than it answers.

    The sport doesn’t even need it, let alone want it.

  7. Damon said on 4th May 2009, 13:04

    drivers willing to be more aggressive (thanks also to the refuelling ban) lead to interesting races to me…

    What does that mean? Will they roar and make funny noises? Will they bite their lips? Huh?

    Who will be “more aggressive”?
    The driver in the 10th place?
    The driver in the 4th place?
    The drivers in the 17th and 18th places?
    Does this change do anything for them? No, it doesn’t. They will score their points regardless of there being a gold medal for the win or not.

    The only one who could think of being “more aggressive” is the driver in the second place. But if he’s 20sec. behind the leader and already going as fast as he can, then the race won’t be anything different to what it is now.

    • Paolo said on 4th May 2009, 14:23

      What does that mean? Will they roar and make funny noises? Will they bite their lips? Huh?

      @Damon :-D
      I just imagined Felipe being “aggressive” as you described… “Calm down, Felipe baby”

      You are right, it doesn’t change a lot for someone battling for 10th place, but I think it does change a lot for the first four or five positions’ battle (I can’t imagine having more than 4 or 5 drivers involved in a battle for championship under any point system).

      And, let me stress this, it completely changes team’s mindset regarding the races. Think about the current championship, Toyota and BMW holding back potential improvements (like KERS and aero development) fearing that losses of points now could harm their drivers later in the season.

      I’d really like teams introducing radical changes, technical solutions at races, and see them figure out what’s working and what’s not, instead of letting them work behind closed doors for months and then looking at teams fine tuning their package during race weekends.

  8. KingHamilton&co said on 4th May 2009, 13:15

    Everyone, get ready to watch a great racing series next year:


    I think Ill see how it pans out, and if its cr*p Ill definatly be putting indycar, nascar, BTCC and WTCC as my priorites!

    yes, I like indycar and nascar now, I feel morally wrong but cant help being intrigued……..Im sorry everyone……………

    Only when bernie is out will i return, America: Here I come!

    (well, touring cars more aswell)

  9. Robert said on 4th May 2009, 13:19

    Why when I’m really enjoying F1 does the FIA have to ruin it with new rules?, its as if they are trying to push away current fans in an attempt to gain new ones.

  10. Mouse_Nightshirt said on 4th May 2009, 13:31

    Say hello to one driver teams!

    This will just encourage teams to field a superb driver with a weaker one, or fiddle with the team so that one of their driver wins everything.

    We’re going to see plenty of “behind the scenes” team orders and a lot of unhappy drivers next year.

  11. Mike said on 4th May 2009, 13:33

    This is ridiculous. I really don’t see why the points can’t be upped for first place.

    Would this not have a similar effect to the ‘most wins’ rule but still award consistency and not alienate fans?

  12. YeaMon said on 4th May 2009, 13:47

    Last time I checked, you need consistency for a championship not just wins…

    Great job destroying F1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it looks I’ve got to get back into the IRL..

  13. Richard said on 4th May 2009, 13:47

    What is up with the FIA, you are changing the very core of a sport which you are only in power for a few years, if FIFA came out tomorrow and said 10 points for a win and the first goal scored in a game wins the game do you think it would be allowed. No!

    But because max and bernie have the power they do they can run F1 as if it is theirs and it has to stop. The sport has always and will always be bigger than these two blokes and the sooner the teams and the race tracks realise this the sooner we get some proper racing back.

    Senna, Hill, Clark. Will be turning in their graves :(

  14. vincent said on 4th May 2009, 13:50

    fed up with a system that was only there to make money on the back of the riders, Terje Hakkonsen (the Michael Schumacher of snowboarding) went on to create his own snowboarding competitions, created by the riders, for the riders and judged by the riders.

    It won’t take a team but a driver like Shumacher or Alonso to go create another and better F1.

    That’s my humble opinion, and I’m eagerly waiting for it to happen.

  15. chaostheory said on 4th May 2009, 14:16

    Every time I hear about medals/most wins/budget capped two-tier formula (and so on…) the perspective of new series with Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and BMW is so tempting. But even if they think about it they wont do it in times of financial crisis, so we will be stuck with Mf1 for couple of years. Unless the teams will finally do something (but seems like they will need Ecclestones support).

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