F1 links: Racism investigation for Spanish GP

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FIA launches racism investigation

“Motorsport’s governing body says it is investigating after a member of the crowd with a blacked-up face was filmed at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. The pictures showed a man with a blacked-up face, arms and hands, wearing a McLaren T-shirt and holding a Formula 1-style steering wheel. […]

An FIA spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of it and we are looking into it.'”

James Allen’s Spanish GP verdict

"[Rubens Barrichello's] third stint wasn’t fast enough. It wasn’t about traffic: He was in clear air most of the time."

Brawn denies team orders suggestions

Ross Brawn: "The fact that Rubens is unhappy is a healthy sign because I'd feel very strange if he was quite content to be second behind Jenson."

Rear wing copywork at BMW

"BMW brought at Barcelona a major aerodynamic upgrade package, including a rear wing with the marked additional flap on the central 150mm. It exploits an idea from Toyota that is now also used by Ferrari."

Button wins, Barrichello and Vettel lose

"Interesting cameo in the Red Bull area after the race where someone close to Mark Webber, who drove brilliantly to leapfrog Massa and Vettel and grab a podium, said, ‘I’m glad someone here is happy,” implying that the place was like a morgue because the chosen one had not got the anticipated result…"

Wary Raikkonen ponders F1 future

"This is not F1 anymore. That's why there is a question mark. We'll see what happens. There are a lot of question marks and nobody seems to know what kind of rules we are going to get."

An easy ride in to the track

"The attendance at this year’s Spanish Grand Prix is noticeably down on recent years. This morning we drove in at 8am and didn’t stop once."

Whitmarsh: F1 at a ‘critical’ point

"Members of the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA) held a two-hour meeting in the Toyota motorhome at Barcelona on Sunday morning, and it is expected that the teams will meet again next week to discuss their next plan of action."

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