F1 links: Toyota threatens to quit

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Toyota warns it may not lodge entry

John Howett: "Under the rules as they are published, we cannot submit an entry. There are concerns about the governance process within the sport, that there are clearly prescribed areas of discussion within the sporting and technical rules and we don't feel they are being complied with."

Q & A with Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey: "Previous to this year the biggest change we had of any significance was 2005 when the front wing was raised and the diffusers were restricted more, which was a sort of medium size change. Before that, you really have to go back to 1998 before we had the last largest change. I think when you have a period of high regulatory stability then it becomes more of an evolutionary numbers game – it is how many iterations you can do. They are not necessarily clever iterations, they are just lots of iterations, whereas I prefer the solutions that are think about it and not have to do so many iterative steps." An interesting remark when you consider how competitive McLaren were in 1998 and 2005.

Alonso furious with Spanish media

"Fernando Alonso is not enjoying his home Grand Prix and yesterday evening he had a major blow up with some of the Spanish journalists."

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