2012 Rome Grand Prix circuit revealed

Gianni Alemanno – the mayor of Rome – will be hoping that Ferrari’s threat to pull out of F1 is a bluffing exercise.

This is the street circuit in Rome which is at the centre of Alemanno’s hopes to hold a Grand Prix from 2012.

Update: See below for new track map and more details unearthed in the comments.

Update 2: Now there’s an official website as well. See here for more: Rome Grand Prix track video lap

Vit unearthed the story in the Italian papers and translated the following details:

  • Ecclestone gave his OK and will help Rome to “realise their dream”
  • First it was intended to use more of the Cristoforo Colombo street, but after Hermann Tilke?s visit this project was changed and new track was mapped.
  • Track: start on Tre Fontane street (where paddock would be build using rugby fields), left turn to Val Fiorita street going uphill to Colosseo Quadrato (Mussolini time monument), turn to the Civit?? del Lavoro street with a chicane on Agricultura square, right turn to Cristoforo Colombo street and up to Marconi square, U-turn at Marconi square around the obelisk at the widest radius (there is still a possibility that this turn will be further on Colombo around Palalotto building so that cars will pass the bridge over the lake), after turn back in direction of City centre on Colombo, right turn at Industria square, downhill to the left to Luneur park, left turn to the start/finish line.

What surprises me about the circuit is how simple it looks – it has far fewer corners than recent additions to the calendar, like Singapore. That’s no bad thing – I’m all for more variety in circuit designs.

Presumably the long, sweeping first turn could be taken flat out, making turn two a viable overtaking opportunity. And the long, looping

Here’s some pictures of the area courtesy of Google Streetview:

First turn

First turn

Second turn

Second turn

Hairpin at the monument

Hairpin at the monument

Final turn

Final turn

Will F1 end up racing at Rome in three years’ time? Many European Grand Prix promoters are struggling with high race fees and low attendance. But if there’s any country that can pack an F1 race, it’s Italy.

Providing Ferrari stick around.

Big thanks to Vit for the tip and for the scan of the original article which you can find on the F1 Fanatic drop.io

Update: Guido in the comments posted this map described in a different story which looks much closer to what we’d expect from an F1 circuit:

Also see the press release posted by HounslowBusGarage. Thanks for the comments guys!

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86 comments on 2012 Rome Grand Prix circuit revealed

  1. Chaz said on 14th May 2009, 22:33

    Oh NO NO NO please not another street circuit. If the F1 big wig organisers are going to insist on boring street circuits then heavy duty water sprinklers must be installed on a randomly automated system to spice up the oppressive tedium of all street races…

  2. The new layout looks 1000% better with just that little bit of revision.

  3. The Sri Lankan said on 15th May 2009, 3:15

    i’d say bring san marino back onstead of this karting track

  4. HounslowBusGarage said on 15th May 2009, 8:58

    @ Keith, it’s the text from the link that Guido posted.
    The article he referenced in Il Messagero shows the same track configuation as the CGI on the other thread “Rome Grand Prix video track lap”, so I think it’s the correct one. Not sure where the first track layout came from – someone’s best guess perhaps?

  5. KingHamilton&co said on 15th May 2009, 17:36

    new track looks much better, but i would call it a classic. if they want a street race in italy however, they should have taken a look at the Milan track in grid-thats a great street circuit!

    mind you-who cares? not like there will be F1 by 2012 anyway once ferrari, renault and toyota are out of the picture…….

  6. KingHamilton&co said on 15th May 2009, 20:14

    My POST ABOVE: I meant WOULDNT call it a classic ;)

  7. I don’t know what this track is going to look like. I saw the first map and liked it. I saw the video and hated it. This map looks like it could work but I dont think their going to leave it like that. The video is what worries me becuase there was at least 7-8 chicanes

  8. matt said on 3rd June 2009, 12:06

    They could call it the Vatican GP instead of San Marino, and then get to keep Monza. I thought Rome sounded quite interesting, but this looks crap.

  9. I have been to this area of Rome many times. The cross shaped building above the sports pitches on the straight is the Sheraton Roma which has always been my base. apart Very unattractive area of the city, you don’t really notice the park in all the concrete. Some gradient but not much. For transport a taxi ride out of city centre takes 20-30 minutes in normal traffic,but I think there is also metro nearby.

  10. this track looks pretty cool. I saw some ground level pictures that someone took. As long as it doesnt get tilkerized. it could be the best new track ever.

  11. ground level pictures at : http://forums.autosport.com/index.php

    Track looks pretty cool

  12. the second version is prett y cool looking and the track does have a lot of elevation changes that you cant see from above. this track could be the best new circuit in recent history. the second version of the track is awsome

  13. John said on 4th May 2010, 18:36

    Well, this track is pants, and it’s miles from Rome City anyway! it may as well be Lazio race! that covers the whole region. I’m sure I saw a track plan in december when I was there that went around the centre of the city, which would make it far more exciting.
    But on an exciting note, why cant we have a UK street route instead? Could be some excitement around the North Circular, or around the Bull Ring, or Swindon’s one way system! anything would be better than this route!

  14. Joseph Buzzard said on 16th December 2010, 21:51

    This is the worst track layout i have ever laid my eyes on.when they said Rome i was thinking more along the lines of something as big as Monaco with a part of the track passing the coliseum and some other historical parts but this? Everyone involved in FIA or track designing right now need to be replaced ASAp before the sport is ruined any more than they already have with crap tracks like bahrain and abu dhabi.

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