F1 links: Lola and Litespeed’s 2010 entries

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Lola moves ahead with F1 project

“Following completion of its evaluation of the technical regulations for cost-capped Formula One teams announced by the FIA World Motorsport Council on 29th April 2009, the Lola Group is pleased to announce that it will be submitting an entry for the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship??.”

F3 squad Litespeed to lodge F1 entry

"The team has joined forces with MGI Ltd, whose managing director is former F1 technical director Mike Gascoyne, and is hoping to be one of the 13 teams chosen for the new championship."

For Sure Championship: Stunning Button effort, Massa leads

"Jenson Button has overtaken Lewis Hamilton to take second place, following an incredible effort in Spain – he managed to not only utter 'for sure' five times in one press conference, but a stunning three times in a single answer." Hilarious!

Massa: "Ferrari never gives up"

"The F60's behaviour at Barcelona was completely different compared to the first races: it was much more fun driving it, it was more stable and had more grip and a higher downforce. That was a huge step forward and it shows that we're able to improve a lot after a difficult start. We've worked a lot and this result is encouraging for the near future, when we'll have new developments coming up."

Steinmetz Diamonds goes for #1 at the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix

"The customized Steinmetz helmets have been crafted by experts to proudly display Lewis Hamilton’s cherished # 1 and Heikki Kovalainen’s # 2 positions with exquisite Steinmetz diamonds, inscribed with the Forevermark." Can anyone spot where the phrase 'not-so-cherished' belonged in that sentence?

Opera pays homage to Jochen Rindt

"The Salzburg Rallye Club will pay homage to former Formula 1 world champion Jochen Rindt with the opening of an opera dedicated to the late Austrian driver."

Nick’s rise to the top echelon of motor racing

Nick Heidfeld fans will love this – a slideshow of young Nick taking his first steps into the world of motor racing.

Justgiving – Jenson Button’s Fundraising Page

"The London Triathlon takes place on Saturday 1 August with almost 11,000 competitors! The race covers a 1500m swim, 40km bike ride and a 10km run. I'm aiming to finish in the top 10% so no pressure!"

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24 comments on “F1 links: Lola and Litespeed’s 2010 entries”

  1. Tom Watson
    15th May 2009, 0:08

    The for sure championship article is genius :d

    1. Sush Meerkat
      15th May 2009, 7:47

      I laughed so hard coffee came out of my nose.

    2. For sure someone spent a lot of time examining press conferences.

  2. I guess that Lola will change it’s mind if FOTA get their way and the budget is changed to say £100m

  3. I just have this feeling that Litespeed would be yet another 5 minute wonder in the formula one world. Another Pacific or Simtek yes???
    I don’t get the impresion they will have the resources to mount a winning campain. They can keep force india company at the back of the grid.

  4. For sure the “FOR SURE” championship will for sure be ongoing for sure throughout the for sure season. So Keith should do a prediction championship for sure to see who can predict who will say for sure the most amount of time before the end of the season, for sure.

  5. I wonder if Nick Heidfeld is gonna be just Button by racing for ages before getting his first win. He seems to be the almost ran of F1 at the moment. Has there ever been anyone else who has had as many podiums with no wins?

    1. He’s currently level on 12 with Stefan Johansson, but Heidfeld’s ratio is 8 2nd places and 4 3rd places, whereas Johansson had 4 2nd places and 8 3rd places.

  6. I would think that after reading Mark Hughes column in Autosport this week that Ferrari may indeed be ‘giving up’, and Massa may be joining the ranks of drivers looking to do just that, drive.
    Have you read this article Keith? I would apreciate your comments on this, because from my perspective it would appear that Ferrari have had an unfair advantage for the last 10 or more years, along with a larger slice of the money.

    1. F1 is becoming CART..

    2. Old news there, achilles.
      However, Keith, if I may I`ll draw your attention to an equally old news item by David Tremayne – particularly the last paragraph which seems equally pertinent today, I think.

  7. For sure, it used to be dominated by Michael Schumacher. It really irritated me until I realised he spoke much better English than I did German.
    Then Massa took over and I had to except it was normal amongst non-english F1 drivers.

    Until, last years blitz of “For Sure” from Lewis Hamilton. He really should know better.
    But now Button! Aaaargh!

    Well done to Mark Webber for keeping a better range in his vocabulary, Mate!

  8. HounslowBusGarage
    15th May 2009, 9:27

    Fabulous article – for sure!

  9. I have a question about the potential new teams. Assuming the budget cap row is sorted and all ten teams from this season lodge entries for 2010, and then there are also more than three new teams wanting to join next year, is there anything stopping the FIA choosing a new team over an existing one? Are current teams guaranteed a place in F1 as long as they have the want to compete and have the money to do so?

    If current teams are guaranteed a place in F1, then what if one of these new teams is way off the pace and are a bit of an embarrassment, but another team wanted to enter F1, would the potential team have to buy out one of the current teams or could the FIA say to the slow team that they have been in F1 for a few years and have always been way of the pace and someone wants to take your place so its time to go.

    When Mosley first mentioned the budget cap earlier this year he said ideally a team would be able to be fully funded from the money they received from FOM. So you could have the situation of a slow team making up the numbers but not have any financial questions about its future, which is the reason most teams have folded in the past.

  10. I’d like to see all the new teams being allowed to enter next year, heralding the return of pre-qualifying and then having to qualify within the top 26 to make the grid.

  11. i think LOLA in F1 is absolutely brilliant, and is just what the sport needs. They are a massive innovator within the LMP classes, and a strong engineering outfit regardless of racing class. I think that them joining with fresh ideas and well within budget could just prove that you don’t have to be ferrari to race in formula 1, and looking at how brawn have raised their game, i bet Lola fancy their chances next year too.

  12. Cool, new teams and old names possibly back into F1…

  13. I wonder if they abuse ‘for sure’ and ‘obviously’ in their day to day lives.

    “For sure I would like to rent a movie”

    “For sure I took the trash out”

    “For sure I’m sure”

    “Obviously I live in Switzerland for the scenic alpine vistas”

    To combat this inane and pointless destruction of the English language, I’m founding a non-profit, grassroots organization to clean up grammar in F1. Obviously, for sure, something needs to be done. If anybody would like to join, obviously you can email me and for sure I’ll respond.

  14. Anyone else remember when Klien in the Jaguar had a diamond in the nose cone at Monaco? Unfortunately his front nose attempted to eat the armco, losing the diamond in the process!

  15. Courtesy of Ferrari News:

    “Wirth Research, Lola, USF1, Epsilon Euskadi, RML, Formtech, Campos, iSport: these are the names of the teams, which should compete in the two-tier Formula 1 wanted by Mosley.”

    I couldn`t possibly paste the rest of the comment here :)

    1. Then paste the link instead.

  16. OK Yer tis. Remember English isn`t the first language.

    BTW – Injunction rejected……. now the `fun` really starts. :(

    Let`s see what other team(s) have the guts to step up to the mark :)

  17. i reckon the reason for the ‘for sure’ brigade is each driver’s limited knowledge of the english language and they are bulk words to fill out sentences, with the exception of Button who i think must be catching it from the other guys????

  18. I think one must have is the 107% rule back again if new teams enter to make sure they keep up with the pace of the other teams

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