Six decades of great F1 drivers in Igor’s collection of pictures and autographs

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The pictures include some of F1's most dramatic moments
The pictures include some of F1's most dramatic moments

Remember I said I didn’t see the point of autographs? I take it all back. Have a look at these great pictures from Igor’s massive collection of F1 driver autographs.

From Vettel to Andretti, and Massa to Scheckter, his collection spans six decades of Formula 1 and mainly centres around Ferrari drivers, plus a few others including Stirling Moss and Jack Brabham.

He’s even got a picture of the infamous 1997 Schumacher-Villeneuve collision signed by both drivers, and one of the 1990 Senna-Prost clash with Prost’s autograph.

Igor explains:

I wrote to many retired Ferrari drivers. I send only best quality pictures, mostly 20 x 30cm and always add a nice personal letter.

With all responses I have and some really nice words from such legends like Dan Gurney, Stirling Moss, Jack Brabham, Jacky Ickx, Chris Amon, and others. I truly believe that they enjoy this as much I or other collectors do.

Having autograph on a nice racing photo or a candid portrait, creates one of a kind item and makes a special connection.

I sent Ross Brawn a letter last month with some photos from Australian and Malaysian GPs. Last year it “worked” with Gerhard Berger, I sent him a letter congratulating on Vettel’s victory at the Italian GP with lots of photos of him driving for Ferrari, as well as of Vettel and Boudais.

A small selection of Igor’s photos are below. To see the full lot visit his Picasa page here.

If you can top that collection – or even approach it – I’d love to hear about it. Drop me a line via the contact form or you can share pictures on the F1 Fanatic

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  1. I must compliment your collection Igor – they are indeed rare & simply amazing! Nice ones bruv!

  2. Bigbadderboom
    15th May 2009, 16:54

    Fanatastic set Igor, some great names and pics

  3. Great job, buddy! Amazing pictures. I think you are the guy!

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