Stalemate: Ferrari taking FIA to court but who is in the right? (Poll)

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The FIA is being taken to court by Ferrari over the 2010 rules
The FIA is being taken to court by Ferrari over the 2010 rules

Today’s meeting between the F1 teams representatives, the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone failed to resolve the row over the 2010 regulations.

Two hours into the meeting Max Mosley received a text message from his lawyer informing him that Ferrari were beginning legal action in France to block the new rules. The proceedings came to a halt. The case will be heard on Tuesday next week and already Mosley is vowing to appeal if Ferrari win their case.

Both sides are engaged in brinkmanship. Ferrari’s resort to legal action is its response to Mosley’s demand that entries for the championship be received within two weeks – and that current teams who do not enter may lose their place. Toyota has said it is backing Ferrari in the action.

With this, the row has moved beyond the immediate need to sort the regulations out for next year, and onto the question of how F1 is governed. The recent history of F1 is littered with bitter disputes over the regulations. Whenever one agreement is reached a fresh argument springs up within weeks.

If it takes a messy legal row to halt the destructive cycle of bitter wrangling over the rules then perhaps F1 can emerge from this looking stronger. But at the moment it’s difficult to be optimistic.

Who do you think has F1’s best interests at heart? Are Ferrari misguidedly endeavouring to protect the teams’ right to spend themselves out of the sport? Or are they correctly to go to court against a governing body that imposes rule changes arbitrarily and without consultation?

Or is this just a clash of egos in which the sport is ultimately the loser?

Who do you most support in the rules row?

  • Ferrari and the other teams (79%)
  • Max Mosley and the FIA (9%)
  • Neither (12%)

Total Voters: 1,459

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  1. F1 is all about technology and advance .
    Every week max just want to change the rules as the season goes how is that in any other sport or team event rules are there for the season but it seems that max thinks he owns the teams and the sport.
    If you want to race F1 then nobody should cry about costs it is the top of the range sport.
    F1 is supposed to be more than indy cars but their cars drive faster than F1 cars so why try to limit every thing in f1.
    F1 should have unlimited aerodynamics bigger enjins turbos .
    Why must they race with smaller enjins than what the motor companys sell on the street.
    max is to old for the sport new you blood and non conservative people should have a say.
    F1 is the best better than indy cars so STOP LIMITING IT MAX

  2. While I don’t think either side would put F1’s best interests before their I own, I am defiantly on the team’s side in all of this.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that everyone in F1 says he is massively intelligent, with everything Mosley has said and tried to do to F1 I would have said he was a certified halfwit. It seems that because he was denied a carrier in politics because of his family history he decided to turn F1 into one big political arena, and while some people do all they can to avoid arguments Mosley seems to do all he can to start arguments.

    The best conclusion I could come to about Mosley based on the evidence at hand, assuming he is intelligent and has F1’s best interests at heart, is that his vision of F1 is just too far removed from what I think it should be.

    The teams main problem with what the FIA are trying to do is the two tier regulations. They agree that costs need to come down and that a realistic budget cap should brought in, but does anyone really believe that all the current teams could manage to achieve the £40m budget cap by next season.

    I didn’t think I would ever be glad that Ferrari enjoyed special privileges but hopefully they can manage to use their veto to block the two tier system.

  3. There is only one group of people that will truly benefit from any of this and that group of people is the Lawyers.

  4. I’ve just read an article on Pitpass i think, (too much surfing ) and i reckon the guy has a point.
    Basically he is saying that the FIA should not be implementing regulations in F1, but policing them only. It should be upto the teams and according to himself, Bernie Ecclestone to make up the rules.
    Personally i think an independent group should set up the rules and regulations not the teams and definitely not Bernie.

  5. I just read an interview with Ferrari, who say they aren’t bluffing and the case against Max and the FIA will go ahead. What needs to happen now is for all the other members of FOTA to bring the same case against the FIA before they all meet again on Friday, just to get the point into Max’s thick skull.
    Also, Ferrari seem to be quite happy to leave F1 and return to GT racing and Le Mans, since it will keep them racing and the factory employed, and is part of their heritage too.
    Also, although Max has changed his stance on the ‘two-tier’ aspect of the proposal, I still think the teams are perfectly correct in refusing to agree to such severe budget cuts in such a short space of time. What about the FIA cutting costs, Bernie handing more money over to the teams and reducing the entry fees? These would also encourage more teams and ‘cut costs’.
    Also, what about Max’s grand gesture of making the sport greener? If he wants better use of technology, it will cost more than just painting some stripes on the tyres. And are the teams going to be compensated for the money they have wasted on developing KERS?
    I hope the teams are now suitably angered by Max and Bernies attitude, and maybe will think of boycotting the Abu Dhabi race at the end of the year. It would need a gesture like that to make the point, I think.

    1. The trouble with having the rest of the teams taking Mosley to court is that they do not have this special veto which ferrari have. maybe they can find something in the sporting regulations with which they can use to get their point across to thick head Mosley.
      And as for boycotting Abu Dhabi, I can’t see any of the teams fighting to the wire in the championship to relinquish the chance of much needed points. However if it turns out to be a throwaway race where nobody needs the points then maybe. But by then it may be too late in the year for such a gesture. And do you really think Max Mosley would give a toss about it?

    2. But its a great PR stunt, to have a race where nobody turns up…..

  6. Sasquatsch
    18th May 2009, 9:23

    I voted neither, because I missed the option teams. The option Ferrari and the other teams implies that Ferrari has the control, which they cannot have. It should be a FOTA decision.

    Ferrari does not have the right to go to court just because they don’t agree with the rules. They should confer with the FOTA and take a unanimous stand in this. Just the fact that Ferrari has a veto in this and can block anything that does not agree with them is just not roght.

    The FIA should (according to the European Union) not make the (sporting and technical) rules. They should only enforce them. The FOTA should make the rules, which suits them (and all new entries) and make sure the sports has a long term future. So yes, there should be cost reduction, and no, there should not be a two tier system.

  7. I support Max, (flamesuit on) he is correctly in my opinion looking to the future of F1. Taking the BTCC as an example what major manufacturers are left and will we have that one next year?

    FOTA is a big enough organisation with enough money to get together in the time that was available and meet with Max often and properly come up with a solution to all of this. However, they have not, what concrete proposals have they offered the FIA? what effort have they made to discuss and meet?

    For me the teams just care about themselves, whereas Max cares about the future of F1. If anything I would maybe say 40mill from 2011, 80mill from 2010. New teams can still enter in 2010 with 40mill anyway, as no team ever wins on its debut… and NO Brawn is not a new team.

  8. Oh, if Brawn is still winning at the end of the year then its proof that a major manufacturer can compete successfully in F1 in 2010 under the budget cap.

    …yes, I know that Brawn had an enormous budget in 2008, but so do all the other teams in 2009.

    1. Then you`ll be pleased to see the entry list as published on Ferrari F1 news, Dougie.
      Wirth Research, Lola, USF1, Epsilon Euskadi, RML, Formtech, Campos, iSport

      USF1 has a whole continent to get sponsorship from but consider what makes sponsorship a good buy for the smaller teams. It is the pulling power the larger teams have for audience numbers? They cannot afford major sponsorship of the big boys but they benefit from their presence.
      If the large teams leave how long do you think it will be before sponsors of smaller teams start to jump ship?
      It will be back to “Alf`s Cafe” (apologies if one actually exists) sponsoring their local outfit for one race per season.
      Be very careful what you wish for :)

  9. Formula 1 was Formula 1 before the sponsors arrived… but the sponsors are not going anywhere, especially if they can do it for a lot less.

    As much as the scaremongers go on about Formula 1 not being the same, teams leaving, sponsors leaving, backyard specials blah blah … the glamour of F1 will always be there, the circuits and new locations are doing there part also, the budget cap does not impact marketing and team presence at the circuits.

    Ferrari, McLaren, Williams are not going to leave (personally I don’t care for the BMW or Toyotas as they are typical of the “in it for the moment” ethos), the 3 and Max are not stupid enough to let that happen… all we are seeing at the moment is positioning, it will all work out in the end and Formula 1 will continue as we know and love it.

  10. Well, Reuters is flashing that the injunction has been rejected so maybe we`ll get to see, Dougie?

  11. Yep, injunction rejected. Its going to be an interesting next couple of weeks.

    You gotta love Formula 1, intrigue on and off the track. Bring it on!! ;-)

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