F1 links: Ecclestone to buy Silverstone?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Silverstone could be sold to Bernie Ecclestone

"This could be a sign that the BRDC is considering an end to the unequal struggle to make a profit from the grand prix while attempting to meet the financial demands of Bernie Ecclestone, formula one's commercial-rights holder. It could also pave the way for Ecclestone, or his representatives, to purchase Silverstone and run the race as he pleases, an objective that has motivated his battle with the club's members, the majority of whom irritate him intensely."

Formula One gridlock as Ferrari take action

"[Bernie Ecclestone] suggested that Ferrari’s legal action was too late. “It’s good, it keeps it in the bloody newspaper,” he said. “They should have done it before — idiots. They should have done it at the beginning.” Was he worried about its implications? “Nothing frightens me,” he said."

Driving an F1 car (Video)

"What happens when a complete rookie drives an F1 car?" He gets out-qualified by Fernando Alonso 23 races in a row?

David Tremayne: Mosley is running the risk of ending his own dictatorship – Motor Racing, Sport – The Independent

"It remains to be seen whether the same penchant for pushing a dangerous situation to the verge of disaster that he brought to his fight over the sex orgy scandal last year can be made to work again for him this time around."

In-depth interview – Max Mosley

Video interview with Max Mosley on the BBC. He criticises Toyota F1 boss John Howett for being "childish" in trying to lead a walkout during the F1 rules discussions yesterday.

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