F1 links: Doubt over BMW’s F1 future

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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting linsk I’ve found today.

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Theissen: BMW must improve quickly

Mario theissen: "At no point was our car competitive. No points are the result."

BMW considering its future in WTCC

"The decisions taken were not communicated cleanly – that means competitors did not know what the situation was, and under which circumstances and conditions the other competitors were racing. This only became clear when there was a protest."

Toyota on way out of F1, BMW reflecting?

"It seems to be becoming widely believed that Toyota will use this situation to make its exit from Formula 1. They were thinking about it towards the end of 2008, but there seems to be general belief among the other teams that they will go at the end of this year. BMW, which is having its worst season by far in F1, is also said to be reviewing it’s participation."

Teams demand FIA ditch 2010 rules

"A FOTA source said that in exchange for the FIA agreeing to such action, the teams have promised a "willingness to commit their future to the sport." It is understood that the teams are prepared to commit not just to next year, but until 2012."

Mosley: Cost cap solution in sight

Max Mosley: "I can imagine we can take it through one year if possible [with the] higher figure and then go to the full cap in 2011, but that's something under discussion. This is a possibility."

Brawn: Button emulating Schumacher

Ross Brawn on Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher: "I worked with Michael for 15 years and this is only my second year with Jenson, so it is very difficult to make comparisons. They are different types of character, but both are obviously highly talented. And I think this opportunity that Jenson has got has made him focus very hard on what is happening, what it is and why it is happening – so he is similar in that respect."

Fisichella says start cost him point

Giancarlo Fisichella; "I just lost a position at the start and perhaps it was this that cost me the point in the end, but we have to be happy about today."

James Allen’s Monaco GP verdict

"I’m alarmed by the decline of Toyota, who had the fastest car only two races ago in Bahrain. They were nowhere and they have no idea where the performance has gone."

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