F1 links: Talks on Canadian GP return

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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

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Exploratory talks aiming at Canadian GP return

"In the context of the global economic situation, Ecclestone might accept to lower his demands in order to see Formula 1 return to the North American market, with car manufacturers and sponsors pressuring him to make it work."

Button and the Brain

"Is it possible that we did not appreciate just how much the multiple world champion owed to the "brain on the pit wall"? Could it be that Ross would have achieved as much with any of the better drivers in those years, the Frentzens, the Hakkinens, the Alesis, even the Coulthards?"

Notes from Monaco

"Oh yes, the president is back alright. A totally different approach to last year when he walked through the paddock at Monte Carlo once, guarded by his spinmaster-general (Anthony) Richard Woods, like an old man on his way to the gallows. This time, and despite the loss of his son, he was looking dapper and fit and wondering around with his arms rigidly by his side (a bit like the Duke of Edinburgh). I am sure he is enjoying his latest crisis in the sport hugely. He is right at the heart of it and getting lots of press. Marvellous. Interesting that he did not hold a press conference. That must have been a huge temptation."

Paddock Life: Monte Carlo edition

"Having been refitted in 2006, the yacht features a spa, six staterooms, a Jacuzzi on the sundeck and a party area. There are elevators to all decks, a full gym, a sauna and spa centre, and a cinema room – with 60-inch plasma screen. And don't forget the bar area. If you fancy a taste of what life is like on board, Briatore is kind enough to rent it out for charter. It does depend, however, on you having a spare 250,000 Euros per week!"

Kevin Eason at large: Formula One budget cuts are blindingly obvious

"The problem is all the hidden agendas: Ferrari want more money and ultimate power over the rest, Toyota want out but need a convenient excuse like blaming the budget cap, and I suspect Renault falls into that camp, too."

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