F1 links: Mercedes plan to save F1?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

If you’ve spotted a hot news story, interesting new website or just something funny from the world of F1, please share your links in the comments below.

Mercedes take initiative in Formula One row

"Haug's plan – the “Mercedes initiative” – allows the teams to spend no more than £100 million next season, in return for which they will offer help to new teams, in terms of cheap components and shared expertise. In addition, the teams will commit to Formula One until the end of 2012 and will agree to operate under a £40 million cap from 2011."

Noise of F1 testing is just ‘unbearable’

"Families in Thriplow and Whittlesford, several miles away from the site, have complained about the din from the Renault team's trials."

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