Mercedes should put a sticker on this car

Your ad here: Mercedes should brand Brawn

Your ad here: Mercedes should brand Brawn

At the current rate of scoring*, after the European Grand Prix it will be inevitable that one of the Brawn GP drivers will win the drivers’ championship.

And the Mercedes-powered cars have already scored more than twice as many points as any of their rivals.

So why haven’t Mercedes plastered their logos all over the BGP 001s?

At Monaco Jenson Button not only won his fifth race of the year, he won his third in a row with the same Mercedes V8 engine.

The Stuttgart marque’s promotional department must be desperate to make use of this marketing gold.

A Mercedes representative explained to me recently that as Brawn’s deal with the team is purely a customer relationship, it gives Mercedes no advertising presence on the car.

That makes sense, but surely the time has come for Mercedes to get their logos on the car and make certain they milk Brawn’s increasingly likely championship victory for all it’s worth?

It’s hard to believe a manufacturer could miss an opportunity like this – though I have heard it said that Ford failed to capitalise on Michael Schumacher’s championship victory with Benetton in 1994.

It makes me wonder if Mercedes’ relationship with McLaren presents contractual obstacles to them using Brawn in their promotional work?

Whatever the reason, Mercedes’s decision to supply Brawn with engines – at a time when they were already taking on a new customer in Force India – played a significant role in saving the team from the scrap heap. It would be a real pity if Mercedes’ role in their success went unrecognised.

*Based on the first six races this year, assuming no further ‘half points’ races.

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50 comments on Mercedes should put a sticker on this car

  1. Daniel said on 29th May 2009, 15:38

    More than making Brawn a viable team, I honestly think that without a Mercedes engine it wouldn’t be a race winning car…

  2. I think Brawn evaluating the “big” title sponsor is more smoke and mirrors, similar to all of the buyers Honda had knocking on their door when they skeedadled out the back door.

    In this economic climate if their were a big sponsor willing to pony up 10-20 million in title money Brawn would already have signed them. Even if they win both titles this year, how could the sponsorship be worth more next, if their likelihood of repeating will be diminished?

    NOW is when they are receiving maximum exposure and that Branson guy is getting all the pub for a mere 250K a race?

    Brawn, Williams, Renault will all face the economic piper at season’s end. I only hope there are enough sponsors to go around for the old line teams as well as the new teams to fill out the grid.

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