Aston Martin announces F1 entry

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Aston Martin has confirmed it will enter Formula 1, Autocar magazine claims this morning.

It intends to defer its entry until 2012 but its team will begin competing from 2010 as Prodrive.

David Richards’ team has been tipped to enter F1 on two occasions in recent years. It planned an entry for 2008 using customer car regulations, but withdrew after the FIA failed to get the rules approved. Richards was also linked to a takeover of the Honda team, but backed away from a deal saying F1 was ‘still too expensive’.

The team is expected to enter under the FIA budget capping rules – though those rules are expected to be modified from Max Mosley’s original proposed limit of ??40m, following the initiative put forward by Mercedes.

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  1. I think it is pretty obvious the FOTA suggestions are not as per March but regarding the two step budget cap (€100mill 2010 & €45mill 2011) with a single set of rules as per 2009, and the cheap parts & technical sharing with new teams… leading to every man for himself in 2011.

    The teams also want a stop to the adhoc rule changes, also tying themselves into the sport until 2012 making Bernie happy, by signing the Concorde Agreement.

    On that note… Max ain’t as stupid as people think, this is pure speculation and nobody really knows (except Max) but whose to say that this wasn’t his plan all along. By showing the teams he is free to change rules as he wants, and doing it in such a shocking way, has brought the teams together talking and agreeing to major cost reductions over the next 2 years and also getting firm commitments to stay for the next 3 years… Max & Bernie must be rubbing their hands in glee, they’ve been pushing for major cost reductions and Concorde signatures since it lapsed.

    1. They are stating that 2010 entry is to be as under 2009 rules. No cap.
      This is just delaying the showdown.

  2. Bigbadderboom
    29th May 2009, 15:54

    Trawling the usual sources I gather there are now 15 team submissions with only 13 slots, now this will be interesting on what basis a slot is granted!! FOTA have said that its everyone or no-one from their group, and williams submitted yesterday, so its 2 of the newbies who won’t take to the grid next season!!!

    1. Unless we lose some of the existing teams it looks that way to me, too.

  3. 2)The basis of the 2010 regulations will be the current 2009 regulations, amended in accordance with proposals that FOTA has submitted to the FIA.

    My read on this is that those proposals include…

    the two step budget cap (€100mill 2010 & €45mill 2011) with a single set of rules as per 2009, and the cheap parts & technical sharing with new teams

    However, I think for now it would be prudent to agree to disagree on this one until, as you say, the detail comes out.

    Lets go to the pub, I’m pretty sure it’s my round… :-)

    1. But, as yet, the proposal remains just something the media have come up with. There has been no FOTA statement for us to know whether that speculation was correct or not. There probably are other details on which they will base their demands but we don`t know what they are.
      It`s a case of do we believe what the media tell us?
      On the whole I`ve learned to be very sceptical on that. Alonso would have been driving for Ferrari for the last 2 years; Norbert Haug is a little-known non-entity in motorsport & nobody in FOTA realised they had different contracts until about a week ago.
      I`ll wait for the full details but I don`t see this as anything more than FOTA laying its` cards on the table & saying “Your choice, Max. Take us all on terms we agree to or you still stand a chance of losing us all”.

  4. Actually, taking your three examples…

    Alonso would have been driving for Ferrari for the last 2 years

    If Alonso drives for Ferrari in 2010 or 2011 with a contract that has already been in place (no doubt with clauses) then the media is right.

    Norbert Haug is a little-known non-entity in motorsport

    I think you’ve used a bit of artistic licence there, but yes there was one news report that implied the public may not know who he is.

    nobody in FOTA realised they had different contracts until about a week ago

    Actually, they all knew there were different contracts with FIA & FOM, just that they were not aware of Ferraris ability to veto regulations.

    All of my responses I got through reading and understanding media reports.

    1. All I`m saying, Dougie, is that I`m prepared to wait to see what the teams, FOTA & the FIA have to say rather than believe everything that the hacks come up with. I can`t see anything wrong in that.

  5. Nope, nowt wrong with that. Just not quite as much fun as speculating ;-)

    Didn’t mean to offend, sorry if I did.

    1. I`m not easy to offend, Dougie.
      No apology needed.
      LOL – I don`t go in much for speculation that`s why I don`t enter the Fantasy F1 games or the silly season ‘who is moving where’ stuff. Just different strokes, eh? :)

  6. Absolutely, the world would be a boring place if we were all the same.

    In all honesty I don’t completely believe the word as written myself, I try to look beyond the spin mostly.

    I guess we both believe what we want to believe… and it’s more fun that way :-)

  7. ah crap, they’ve not kept refuelling have they?

  8. Well in terms of the general public, a lot more people know who Aston-Martin are than ‘Prodrive’ are – so therefore more people are likely to want to see Aston-Martin.

    I don’t really see the point of Aston competing at Le Mans, in reality they will get thrashed by the diesel-powered LMP1 cars. With Prodrive’s engineering capabilities, Aston-Martin could win in Formula One. Well, lets hope anyway!

  9. They should just brand the team ‘Prodrive Aston-Martin’ or ‘Aston-Martin Prodrive’. Keep both names.

  10. I don’t think Prodrive should be granted an entry for 2010. They were given the chance to enter F1 in 2008 and failed. Let someone else without a proven track record of failure enter instead.

  11. Good news. I wonder if Aston Martin will be building their own engines…

  12. The big point everyone may have overlooked is that FOTA file all nine team applications as one with the intent of forcing Max to accept them all or reject them all.

    As for Richards Prodrive/Aston Martin intentions, I think DR sees an opportunity for AM to inherit the mantle of Ferrari if they all leave. It could also be an incentive for Ferrari to stay on and have a marque to race against.

    TommyB, your Gulf liveried car looks fantastic, not to mention Gulf gas sponsorship tied to Gulf States finance backing.

  13. Tommy B – nice!
    But theres not enough crappy little adverts all over it! ;D
    Besides, they’ll do some vs of British Racing Green. :(

  14. @Dougie – I’d agree, I think it was all some sort of shock therapy for the big guys.
    The idiotic notion that its a level playing field when Ferrari spends half a billion dollars a year on it was just silly. I mean, heck that’d buy half a nuke submarine!

  15. I’m actually getting excited abotu this. Perhaps it is actually true!

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