Toyota having a car boot sale

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

You can have a Toyota engine cover for ??5,000 or a front nose for ??1,200

Toyota are clearing out their F1 parts bin and flogging it all on their website.

You can buy a part from one of their F1 cars for as little as ??200 (??228/$322). And if you’ve got a few thousand to spare you could get front noses, rear wings or even an entire engine cover.

Brakes, light alloy wheels and suspension parts are also up for sale.

Is Toyota having a car boot sale another sign they are planning to quit F1 (like, for example, their F1 circuit dropping off the calendar)?

Or do they just need a bit more storage space at their Cologne base?

Whichever, here’s some pictures of the goodies up for grabs:

Images (C) Toyota

You can buy the parts from the Toyota F1 shop.

If you do buy a Toyota part – or if you already own a part from an F1 car – please send in a picture. You can upload images to the F1 Fanatic, or get in touch with me via email or Twitter.