F1 links: FOTA agrees on KERS ban

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In what looks like another tactical move, the FOTA teams have agreed to push for KERS to be scrapped in 2010. They call the move a cost-saving initiative, which it undoubtedly is, but it’s also likely to rile Max Mosley, who demanded the systems be introduced this year at considerable cost to the teams.

Here are some of the other headlines from today. As usual, please post links to other interesting items in the comments…

FOTA agree to scrap Kers for 2010

"BBC Sport understands that Ferrari are desperate to drop their system because it has been so unreliable for them, while McLaren's package developed by Mercedes has proved more successful. Though McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh is a fan of Kers, for a variety of reasons, he accepts that dropping it may be the only way forward."

James Allen’s Turkish GP verdict

"BMW were back on song in this race, after not a great qualifying session. Robert Kubica finished seventh and the car looks like it’s now about half a second a lap slower than the pace setters. They have been miles off at times recently."

Alonso calls for changes to Renault car

"We need changes, any changes. I'd welcome any new part. We have been using the same car since Bahrain and we are going worse and worse, and until we introduce a part that improves the car it will be hard."

New front wing for BGP001

"The most important advantage of this will be the adjustability for the drivers. Previously they only has control of a small panel of which they could change the angle of attack, but adjusting the new single flap by 6° will greatly change downforce at the front end."

Mallya wants FOTA suspension reversed

Vijay Mallya: "Both these sources of income, which are sources of comfort for banks to lend money, would have been under threat if our entry was not accepted. So therefore we were legally advised that Force India might breach our banking covenants if we went down the route of a conditional entry and did not lodge an unconditional entry as always. All of this was completely shared with FOTA."

Webber rues poor Turkish GP crowd

"Official figures said just 36,000 three-day tickets were sold for the circuit with a capacity for 130,000 people."

Button does not fear win run ending

Button on Barrichello: "Michael [Schumacher] had this situation with Rubens when Rubens was allowed to race him. He was very, very quick. I can't forget I've got a team-mate who is going to push me very hard and he has this year, especially the last couple of races. The package of the car has suited him a little more than the package at the start of the year. He was suffering with his brakes and he isn't any more. That puts pressure on us both but I think that's a good thing."

Formula One in desperate need for stability

"The battle between the major teams, the FIA and the rights holder, FOTA, is at fever pitch. Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Renault and BMW have signed a $50m bond not to jump ship and enter the 2010 championship unconditionally within the next 30 days."

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