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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

If you’ve spotted a hot news story, interesting new website or just something funny from the world of F1, please share your links in the comments below.

BMW deny Turkish GP boycott rumours

“Wild rumours are circling in the paddock at Istanbul Park less than two hours before the start of the Turkish Grand Prix that the eight remaining teams in the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) may boycott the race.” Why on earth would the teams risk a repeat of the infamous 2005 United States Grand Prix? I don’t believe this.

The return of Team Lotus

"Litespeed has announced that it intends to enter F1 in 2010 under the Team Lotus banner. The team says that a deal has been truck with David Hunt to use the name he has been trying to revive since 1995. The team has also agreed a deal to employ former Lotus F1 driver Johnny Herbert as a driver manager and commercial ambassador."

Rosberg: ‘It’s a mess. Where the hell are we going?’

"But 'Britney', as he is known by his mechanics" Excuse me? Nico Rosberg's nickname is 'Britney'?

Formula One in need of some stability

Martin Brundle: “The battle between the major teams, the FIA and the rights holder, FOTA, is at fever pitch. Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Renault and BMW have signed a $50m bond not to jump ship and enter the 2010 championship unconditionally within the next 30 days.”

My car is rubbish and fit only for the scrapheap, rages Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton: "It’s the car — it was a disaster. We probably should have scrapped it a long time ago. We will have to bounce back next year."

Drivers support FOTA in F1 future row

Jarno Trulli: "Mosley must understand that there are some things that cannot happen. The rules for 2010 are absolutely not good because Formula 1 must remain the number one sport in the world, with great technology and with the manufacturers.

Brawn pledges commitment to FOTA

"The existence of [Brawn GP] was dependent on the support of FOTA teams – McLaren and Mercedes in particular are the reason why we are here, and I think the FOTA initiatives are good."

United, Sir Alex and me, by Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn on Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson: “That's something for sure that Sir Alex is having to deal with much more than I am. I do look at it and realise that sometimes he's made some hard decisions which, from the outside, have maybe not been that popular, but you can see in them his sense of the greater good of the team.”

Simon Hattenstone meets Jenson Button, the serial loser turned golden boy of grand prix

Jenson Button on being a 'playboy': "I don't think playboy is the right word. In 2000 I bought a boat and a Ferrari, and I think I did get excited by being an F1 driver. I was 20 years old, you know, and the people looking after me were like, come on, you need to look like a formula one driver, you need to feel like a formula one driver."

Various Istanbul Observations

"There were so few people at the practice and qualifying sessions – this seems to be an indication that the local fans do not have either the interest or the money to attend."

In the Formula One Big Brother House

"What is clear in the paddock is that the teams are fed up with a confrontational style which they believe is only damaging the sport."

McNish reveals his theories on why Scots are kings of the road

Allan McNish on Scottish F1 racing hoeroes: "We all had a Scot to look up to in Jackie [Stewart]; along with Jim Clark he was the guy who carried the flag, gave our parents something to talk about, which gets into your psyche as a kid. Jackie has always been there to give advice, guidance; on the end of a telephone. He still is to this day, behind-the-scenes, and that has been a very important factor."

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17 comments on “F1 links: Lotus and Britney”

  1. Funny how some of these budget cap teams aren`t concerned by the thought of paying out on legal costs over names, eh?
    This is starting to make the whole thing a farce.
    OK, so they obviously know they can`t get noticed without piggybacking on someone else`s famous name but do they really think F1 fans will have anything but scorn for this approach?

    1. I really don’t like the idea of having Fake Lotus, Fake Brabham etc. in F1. Don’t want the names in just for the hell of it!

  2. There is an interesting interview with Frank William on itv f1 website, I would post the link by don’t know how to copy & paste web addresses on an ipod :S

  3. As to the boycott, I think that all started because of the meeting the drivers had with FOTA this morning.
    The few media who are actually attending races this year have started the chatter.

  4. http://www.itv-f1.com/Feature.aspx?Type=General&id=46066

    Booted up pc, theres the Frank Williams link

    1. Thanks Tom!

    2. According to James Allen, Sir Frank said ““Williams needs a budget cap. Hopefully it will bring the others down to us.”

      The “bring others down to us” is the part that worries a heck of a lot of people.

  5. First March then Brabham now Lotus. They have no real connection to the old teams apart from buying the rights to the names. It makes me against these new teams before they have even being granted an entry in F1.

    Which old team name will be next to be used to try to add some credibility by these new teams Tyrrell, BRM, Cooper?

    1. I think it’s an understandable reaction to the way Ferrari and Briatore have been deriding the new teams. Now the new teams like to pretend like they bring some tradition too.

      1. It seems the ‘Lotus’ entry has a bit more credibility than the others, being in discussions with (genuine) Lotus, being based in Norfolk and having ex-Lotus personel. The others do seem to be shamelessly piggybacking though.

    2. How about “Maserati” ? That’d chap Ferrari’s behind!

      1. Not that much, Rich.
        Maserati are a sister company along with Alfa Romeo, Lancia & others

  6. Yes, they seem to have got the OK of David Hunt (James’ brother) who bought the team after it went into administration in 1994[?]
    There have been one or two attempts to run a team since then but all went belly up.
    As far as I know the only remaining connection with the original team is through a couple of mechanics but I could be wrong on that.
    Litespeed have only been around for a couple of years running an ATR Group (Italian) car in 2006, I think. They then didn`t race until mid 2008.
    This isn`t the Lotus of Colin Chapman. It`s just sticking a well-loved badge on someone else`s car.

  7. Am i being paranoid?

    This thing about new teams coming into the sport with famous old names (MARCH/BRADHAM/LOTUS) is that it seems like Max Mosley has had a hand in it in the background.

    If he can get these old names into F1 by the back door in place of some of the FOTA teams then Formula One won’t look as bad.

    Sorry, but real fans will se straight through these fake teams.

    I would hope some compromise will be found and we get 3 or 4 real new teams to compete against.

  8. I don’t mind saying that this season IS becoming a bit boring. Just because it is Button winning and not Schumacher does not make it any more exciting.

    i have nothing against Jense winning, but come on let’s have some competition.

    Bmw need to get their act together.
    Toyota need to get more consistent.
    Williams need a better 2nd driver.
    Red Bull need to calm down and just race.
    Mclaren need a new car.
    and Rubens needs to stop whining and start to drive his car more carefully.

    Is it a coincidence that the 3 times this decade we have had one sided championships (2002/2004/2009?) rubens has been 2nd driver?

  9. I think this Ed Gorman guy knows what he is talking about. I couldn’t agree more.

  10. Having read the article questioning Sir Frank Williams i couldn’t tell if it was him or Bernie and Max talking.

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