Rate the race: Turkish Grand Prix

Jenson Button notched up his sixth win of 2009 in Turkey.

What did you think of the race? Rate it out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2009 Turkish Grand Prix out of ten

  • 1 - Terrible (5%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (3%)
  • 3 - Boring (19%)
  • 4 - Often tedious (7%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (18%)
  • 6 - Not bad (17%)
  • 7 - Good (20%)
  • 8 - Great (8%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (2%)
  • 10 - Perfect (2%)

Total Voters: 1,829

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122 comments on Rate the race: Turkish Grand Prix

  1. James G said on 7th June 2009, 15:38

    I actually think the main problem could be the ban on in season testing. It has made it very difficult for teams that were behind to catch up with Brawn. Kudos for Ferrari for making their car considerably more competitive, but we’re just not seeing the cars developing, unlike last year where the Ferraris and McLarens duelled for dominance at almost every race and nobody knew until race day which one really had the edge. I understand the need for cost cutting in F1, but this is something that could have a seriously detrimental effect on the racing.

    • Cameron said on 7th June 2009, 16:08

      And veiwer numbers. Too many one sided seasons like this can’t be a good thing in an era where there are plenty of other motorsport avenues a TV viewer can stroll down to get their fix. Hell, even A1GP has it over F1 the way it is now!

      • Dougie said on 8th June 2009, 1:48

        Hell, even A1GP has it over F1 the way it is now!

        Really, I’ve never watched an A1GP race, are they any good?

        Have never, and will never, miss an F1 race.

    • persempre said on 7th June 2009, 18:13

      Completely true, James G.
      The lack of testing is a real problem not just for development but also for keeping the 3rd driver up to scratch & for allowing new drivers time behind the wheel.
      I`ve always disliked the move.

      • TommyB said on 7th June 2009, 20:09

        Because of this testing ban no-one is going to catch Brawn.

        Viewer numbers will also be low. Surely the huge fans from Italy and Spain will be turning off when the championship is over 5 races before the end.

        I also think this engine rule is annoying. I don’t like the 10 place drop and I HATE engine saving. The worst thing about racing now is when the race is over after the last round of pitstops because drivers are asked to save their engines and can’t race till the flag.

  2. Navs said on 7th June 2009, 15:41

    It’s a weird season. The cars are all just close enough that it is incredibly difficult to overtake even in the middle and end runners, but there’s enough of a gap that a clear and stable dominance is emerging. Some weird sweet spot has been touched on that curve.

    It’s just extraordinary that Vettel couldn’t pass Button even in a lighter car. Plus Barrichello having so much trouble as well, on a nice, wide, overtaking-friendly track no less.

    I lost all the feeds half-way through the race, and I wasn’t near a tele today. I didn’t miss a single exciting event on track! Things really did settle down after the first few laps.

    My vote: Boring.

    But it was good to see Webber up there, and Toyota being back was good as well.

    • Navs said on 7th June 2009, 15:42

      On second thought – the Barrichello being unable to pass was his 7th gear problem probably – scratch that.

  3. Keir said on 7th June 2009, 15:47

    After 3 great races to start the season, we’ve just had a 4th borefest in a row.

  4. Cameron said on 7th June 2009, 15:59

    Another somewhat dull event and Button domminance. I prefer championships where it’s down to the last few races.

    Still though, as they say, may the better car/team/man win. Although Button probably isn’t the best driver out there, he’s certainly doing a top notch job. You can’t say the best car isn’t winning though, that’s for sure.

    All I hope is that McLaren are working on their 2010 car already! ;)

  5. Net Sticks said on 7th June 2009, 16:18

    The first races it was fun to see new cars and new faces on the podium…

    Sincerely now… it’s getting to be a lot tedious…

    Everybody is worried (and with reason) about and eventual two pace grid for 2010, but they but realize that, is already happening this year.

    Brown, Red Bull, Toyota, Williams are one Championship of there own and I bet whatever that the first four places in Driver’s Championship in the end, will be Button, Barrichello, Vettel and Webber, even if not in this order, except Button that already is World Champion with no doubt.

    More and fighting for Ferrari or for McLaren, or for Renault, people was to see team they are used to see in from, fight each other… not see Ferrari fight to get in the points with one car and Renault and McLaren with no car…

    They are so worried about spending money and we now see that, beyond all the improvements all the teams make (that cost money), Ferrari built a car from scratch, BMW built half a car from scratch… I wonder if that could keep them under the budget cap Mad Max is imposing like a nazi…

    I propose the teams build a car for 2010 ( with whatever the rules that will be ) and that car, that start the Australian GP, must be exactly the same the finishes in Abu Dabi. Not even a rubber band added… It’s FIA goal – Zero evolution in the Top Motorsport Class Competition… So, do that and we all call it the Formula FIA World Championship and the constructors will make a real Formula 1 Championship were engines are restricted to some power, the front tires are smaller as they were before with slicks and the wings are normal, I mean smaller in front and bigger in the back.

    That way we can see again, driver s taking about the difficulty of doing Eau Rouge full speed and other landmarks in F1 Calendar that simply lost the spotlight because with these cars that can just flat down and drive them thru…

    I miss my Formula 1…

  6. ajokay said on 7th June 2009, 16:20

    6/10 – Not Bad. Nothing special by any stretch of the imagination, but there was some good overtaking every now and then, and the race just seemed more interesting than Spain or Bahrain. Shame for Seb and Rubens, well done again to Jenson and Mark. Good to see Williams and BMW creeping back up the order again too.

  7. Extremely boring, stopped watching after the first pitstops. I’ve been watching F1 since the A.Jones – C.Reutemann – G.Villeneuve era, with the exception of a 1.5 year break after Senna’s death. I think it’s time for another long break, until the F1 circus improves the spectacle a bit. I agree with other posters, it’s a shame, after all the hype about the OWG and the reg changes.

  8. A bit dull. Enough action early in the race to avoid a really negative rating, but that final stint really put me to sleep.

  9. David Smith said on 7th June 2009, 17:13

    BORING….I tried to make it interesting trying to count how many time jonathan legrad (BBC commentator) said Jenson Button in any given minute!!!

    • David A said on 8th June 2009, 9:40

      He also repeats the phrase ‘in the wars’, like the broken record he seems to be.

  10. TommyB said on 7th June 2009, 17:16

    3/10 – No Championship this year is a big disappointment.

    Close racing? For 2 laps then it separates again.

    Closest ever field? That’s why the championship was over in 5 races? We had 7 different winners last year and this year Button will win every single dry race.

  11. TommyB said on 7th June 2009, 17:32

    Just one question – Do Jenson fans find this new F1 interesting?

    I’m a Hamilton and Vettel fan but them dominating would be boring for me. I much prefer seeing great racing for the lead and lots of different winners and a close title battle.

    • Dougie said on 8th June 2009, 1:54

      Do Jenson fans find this new F1 interesting?

      New F1!?! For me its always been the same F1 since they brought back re-fuelling… the reversing of which I am very much looking forward to next year.

      That aside, I am still very much enjoying it. The Schumacher years were excellence personified, then the new champion in 2005/6 and 2007 & 8 were brilliant, though not for the on track stuff to be honest. More so now that we are seeing a driver I’ve always believed in given the chance to show what we all thought of him back in 2000, and then some.

      I won’t be happy until Jenson has won them all.

  12. HounslowBusGarage said on 7th June 2009, 17:50

    I really thought Ferrari were going to be successful this weekend, but they just seemed to be in the background; part of the also-rans. Neither qualifying or the race seemed to feature the red cars at all.
    Any ideas what happened to them? I know Kimi had a bit of a tussle with Alonso’s rear end (car rear end!), but Massa just seemed to acquiesce into sixth.

  13. Navs said on 7th June 2009, 18:46

    Is it possible that the tracks are just not challenging for the drivers anymore? Drivers are making fewer and fewer mistakes. How can that be with what is supposed to be the cutting edge? With thousands of man-hours of driving producing so few mistakes, it’s pretty clear to me that the cars and drivers have outgrown the tracks and track design conventions.

    Even this race, it was Vettel’s mistake that made it slightly more interesting, with the possibility that he might catch and pass Button – imagine how we’d be ranking this race if Button had passed him in the pits.

    The tracks need to be made much more challenging. How challenging is turn 8 really, if nobody really made a mistake there in all those laps in all those cars?

    • Patrickl said on 7th June 2009, 19:56

      Vettel went off during this race and the previous. Monaco saw a whole lot of crashes.

      BTW Turn 8 is demanding on the car. Not on the driver. Isn’t it flat out for the fastest cars?

    • Dougie said on 8th June 2009, 2:00

      Drivers are making fewer and fewer mistakes.

      Navs has a point here, with the cars so finely tuned & perfect and the drivers training to the n’th degree and absolutely flawless in the races, mistakes and therefore opportunities are fewer and therefore overtaking is nigh on impossible.

      Look to the 70’s and 80’s, overtaking occured because the driver in front was pressured into a mistake. A driver that the night before was out drinking with his best buddies, who would happen to drive for the other team, or was s3xing it up playboy style.

      All that counted back then was talent, and it varied enourmously.

      Today, talent is just one part of the complete package.

  14. James_mc said on 7th June 2009, 18:58

    I’m actually not a Jenson fan but I am finding this season quite interesting. If the cars were a bit closer then it would be better. FIA have got a lot to answer for.

  15. StrFerrari4Ever said on 7th June 2009, 19:03

    I voted a 6 there wasn’t any real challenge as soon as Vettel made that mistake I felt ill and angry I knew Jenson would go on to win the only real thing I watched the rest of the race for was to see whether Jenson’s car would just go crazy that didn’t happen and after that I was very edgy and didn’t want anyone talking to me.Toro Rosso struggling didn’t help much 2 weeks time things better be different very different!!! :@

    • TommyB said on 7th June 2009, 20:04

      I am the same. I tune in really happy and at the end of the race I’m just mardy and annoyed. I’m sick of seeing the same driver winning every single race, I thought the days of 2002 and 2004 were behind us. Hope Toro Rosso can improve too :(

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