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It wasn’t just Button that cost Vettel second (Turkish Grand Prix analysis) 8th June 2009, 21:42

Sebastian Vettel’s three-stop strategy at Istanbul left him vulnerable to team mate Mark Webber. Webber occasionally managed to match Vettel’s pace despite carrying a heavier fuel which, along with Vettel’s delay behind Button, helped Webber nab second off his team mate. Here’s an analysis of the Turkish Grand Prix including how far McLaren are off […]

F1 links: Mosley urges teams to enter

Max Mosley has written to the eight FOTA teams saying: It is of course up to you, but the simplest way to ensure that all entrants run under the same rules would be if everyone entered under the cost-cap rules as published and then all entrants cooperated to agree modifications to those rules which would […]

2009 Turkish Grand Prix facts and stats

Four consecutive wins for Jenson Button – three consecutive no-scores for McLaren. Here’s the Turkish Grand Prix in numbers.

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