2009 Turkish Grand Prix facts and stats

Kovalainen finished 14th - McLaren's season goes from bad to worse

Kovalainen finished 14th - McLaren's season goes from bad to worse

Four consecutive wins for Jenson Button – three consecutive no-scores for McLaren. Here’s the Turkish Grand Prix in numbers.

Jenson Button’s winning streak continues – he’s now won four in a row – the last person to do that was Fernando Alonso in the 2006 Spanish, Monaco, British and French Grands Prix:

Button scored his seventh Grand Prix victory, giving him as many wins as Rene Arnoux and Juan Pablo Montoya. He also set the fastest lap for only the second time in his career.

Sebastian Vettel was on pole position for the third time in his career. It was the first time he’d done so in a dry qualifying session and the first time he didn’t go on to win the race. It was also the first time the Turkish Grand Prix was won by a driver other than the pole sitter.

Mark Webber was on the podium for the fifth time, matching his career-best finish of second from this year’s Chinese Grand Prix. The record for most podium finishes without a win is 12, jointly held by Nick Heidfeld and Stefan Johansson.

Webber has closed the gap to Vettel for third in the championship having beaten him in the last three races:

Formula 1 World Drivers' Championship Top 4 (click to enlarge)

Formula 1 World Drivers' Championship Top 4 (click to enlarge)

McLaren haven’t scored in the last three races. That hasn’t happened since 2004, when David Coulthard and Kimi Raikkonen finshed out of the top eight in the Spanish, Monaco and European rounds.

It almost goes without saying that Heidfeld extended his run of consecutive finishes – he’s now on 35.

Nico Rosberg scored his best result of the season so far with fifth, and Robert Kubica finished in the points for the first time this year. Kubica ended a seven-race streak without finishing in the points, the longest of his career.

One stat we overlooked after Monaco was Rubens Barrichello becoming the driver to have completed the most F1 race laps. He has now raced 13,988, surpassing Michael Schumacher’s 13,909.

Spot any more interesting facts and stats from the Turkish Grand Prix? Post them below…

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63 comments on 2009 Turkish Grand Prix facts and stats

  1. mp4-19 said on 8th June 2009, 13:26

    remember the inaugural 2000 US gp at indianapolis? hakkinen’s engine gave way when he was leading both the race & championship.it served as a death blow to hakkinen & mclaren. it took them a long time to recover fron that. in 2003 kimi at one point in time was leading shoemaker by 17 points. kimi lost his lead after the canadian gp. but was set to regain his lead in the next race itself at nurburgring. his merc engine blew when he was leading the race by a comfortable margin. the lesser said about 2004 the better. we all know about thar years car & specifically the engine. brings back bad memories. the chassis was revolutionary, but the engine was crap. in 2005 kimi statrted the french,british,italian gp’s with a 10 place grid penalty due to merc engines blowing up on dynaos & engine simulators! the 2006 engine never had the thump in it. so im right i think in saying mercedes have let down mclaren on innumerable occasions. but now their engines are unflappable on the brawns. ron must be fuming over this i think, cuz imo the only time mclaren failed to provide a bad chassis to mercedes is 1995,1996 & 2009. the rest was due to the failure of mercedes. if mclaren had gone with customer engines in say 2004, i wud say they would have easily won the championship.

  2. It’s lack of testing through the season that’s hitting Mclaren and Ferrari. Mclaren have had dogcars several times in the past, but such is the muscle of their organisation they can usually get back on terms by mid-season, even if they have to design what is effectively a new car. No possibility of that this season. Reserve and test drivers are largely redundant these days too.

    And though the idea of severely limiting testing during the season has merits if there is a need to reduce F1 costs, the law of unintended consequences has a nasty habit of biting the wrong people at the wrong time.

    Mosley and Ecclestone seem to have a habit of not thinking things through before implimenting radical changes, to the great cost of everyone in F1.

  3. ajokay said on 8th June 2009, 14:43

    With Barrichello not finishing the race, every team has now had at least one retirement of some form or another this season.

  4. Damon said on 8th June 2009, 16:28

    One thing nobody noticed in the qualifying results:

    1. Sebastian Vettel
    2. Jenson Button
    3. Rubens Barrichello
    4. Mark Webber
    5. Jarno Trulli
    6. Kimi Raikkonen
    7. Felipe Massa

    Is this a world record?? Hehe.

    • Patrickl said on 8th June 2009, 16:47

      Just Heikki and Fisichella missing :)

    • James G said on 8th June 2009, 16:55

      All the podium finishers have surnames that are six letters and follow the same letter arrangement: consonant-vowel-double consonant-vowel-consonant.

    • carldec said on 8th June 2009, 16:55

      8. fernnando alonnso

    • TommyB said on 8th June 2009, 19:46

      Anyone see the autosport article about fast names? It mentioned having double letters gives you a better chance of being an F1 driver. Funny article

      • James G said on 8th June 2009, 20:07

        Sweet! My name’s got double O in it! I’ll phone up Flavio and get him to replace Piquet. Although unlike Piquet, I probably won’t get any points and will just crash all the time…

  5. Eduardo Gigante said on 8th June 2009, 18:10

    Which driver took so long to win his first title? Button will win in his tenth season, but I doubt that’s the record. Does anybody know? Mansell maybe?

    • James G said on 8th June 2009, 18:53

      Mansell’s first race was on August 17th 1980 and he clinched the World Championship on August 16th 1992, a total of 4382 days. Andretti is second (3616 days).

      Currently, Button has been an F1 driver since March 12th 2000, a total of 3152 days. So, by my (quite possibly inexact)calculations, he should be third.

    • fminas said on 8th June 2009, 18:54

      It’s Mansell who won his title at his 13th season.

  6. EGC said on 8th June 2009, 21:21

    Off topic, why i can’t open the DrVee page? Any change?
    Anyway, a good race for a nap :-)

  7. Someone should start to count how many times Lewis Hamilton has overtaken Kimi Raikkonen since he arrived at F1.

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