F1 links: FIA and FOTA reach deal – report

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

According to BBC Sport on Twitter FOTA has agreed to remove its opposition to the 2010 regulations and submit entries for next year pending further negotiations with the FIA over the rules. I’ll post any further updates on this here if they emerge this evening.

Here’s more of my bookmarks from today – as ever, please share anything interesting you’ve come across in the comments below:

Black flag at the ready for Max and Bernie’s gravy train

"Those who watched the Turkish grand prix on television might be interested to learn that the people in charge of the transmission were instructed to focus their cameras tightly on the cars in order to disguise the paltry attendance."

Design Nick Heidfeld’s helmet

Competition to create a helmet for Nick Heidfeld.

Surviving Silverstone

"Head for this corner [Maggotts] at some point during the course of the weekend. Admittedly there are better places to watch the race, but the outside of Maggotts is where you will see and hear F1 cars pushed to the limit – and you don’t need to buy an expensive grandstand ticket to see it either." Hear, hear!

Michael Schumacher interview at Fiorano (Video)

Ferrari's propaganda effort continues – here's Michael Schumacher on why F1 needs the car manufacturers.

Q & A with Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn on whether the team will back one driver: "I think there's phases early in the season where you can't identify one driver one way or the other, and I think you should let the season run. Undoubtedly you may reach a phase towards the end where you have to make decisions, and we'll make those decisions if we have to. But at this stage there's no need and no wish to make those decisions."

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