F1 links: Ecclestone warns FOTA over split

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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

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Bernie’s warning to warring teams

Bernie Ecclestone warns FOTA not to mount a breakaway championship (which was, of course, his threat in 1980 when head of FOTA): “Apart from my contracts with teams, if somebody went to any of our contracted people, companies, television contractors, we would view it very seriously. That would be inducement to breach contracts and I don’t do that myself so I won’t stand back and let it happen. Any action could run to hundreds of millions of pounds, who knows how much?”

Ferrari using Toro Rosso for engine testing

"Germany's 'Auto Motor und Sport' has reported that STR uses long life Ferrari engines during the Friday practices, having clocked around 2,500 km's up until then."

Hill warns F1 not to repeat IRL mistake

Damon Hill: "You only have to look over the pond to see what happens when you split a championship. It's difficult enough to draw people into one particular sport, so what will they make of two separate championships? It would just dilute it."

Toyota’s Yamashina returns to Japan

"It is not clear if the decision to base Toyota's team principal back in Japan, rather than in Cologne, is linked to the imminent appointment of Akio Toyoda as Toyota Motor Company's new president later this month."

STR targets Hungary for new diffuser

Giorgio Ascanelli: "It is not just a simple bolt on. You have to change the rear suspension and the cooling, hydraulics and things like that. Also, we've been waiting for Red Bull Racing to finalise what it thinks is the definitive design, as we are not in a position to try several different ones."

Schu, Vettel to defend RoC title in Beijing

"German stars Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel have confirmed they will attempt to win a hat-trick of team titles when the Race of Champions moves to Beijing in November."

Button’s shock loss on F1 circuit

"He may be 26 points clear at the top of the standings in one of the most competitive motorsports in the world. But can Jenson Button win at Scalextric?"

Brawn: Crisis is unnerving sponsors

Ross Brawn: "I have to be frank – what's going on now with the entry and other stuff doesn't help anybody's situation. Partners for the future want to know where they are partners of. All this difficulty is extremely damaging commercially for all in Formula 1."

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