F1 links: Donington until 2026?

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Donington Park boss Simon Gillett has stated he has a deal to run the British Grand Prix for the next 17 years, as revealed on F1 Fanatic in April. And despite various setbacks he insists the track will be ready for the 2010 race.

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Brabham to sue Formtech over name

"The Brabham family have made numerous approaches to Formtech with proposals to amicably resolve the situation. In the absence of any response from the team, the family has been left with no alternative but to issue the relevant proceedings to protect the family name, irrespective of whether Formtech is granted an entry by the FIA on Friday 12 June." See here for more: New row over use of Brabham name

Pssst… wanna buy a used Honda?

"Brawn GP is selling off its collection of Honda and BAR racing chassis to boost its finances, giving fans a chance to get their hands on some unique, if not particularly front-running, memorabilia."

Webber had wiiinnngs long before Red Bull

"Rumour has it a couple of things happened in mid-flight:
1. He opened the door hoping to make a quick getaway once it had come to a halt.
2. He made a deal with a greater being to endure several years of bad luck to come away unscathed."

Classic British Grands Prix

"With such a fabulous choice, picking the best will not be easy – so why not give us a hand by telling us which one you would choose as your pick of the greatest of Silverstone's great moments?" For me it's got to be 1987.

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Mosley to meet with teams today

"Mosley is willing to soften the FIA's approach to next year – which includes scrapping a two-tier category – even though he insists a budget cap must be in place in 2010."

Ted Kravitz – the Turkish GP from my perspective

"The truth is BMW did try to win the championship. They were going for it and did bring performance to the car, it's just that relations with Robert Kubica were a little strained at the time and they did not want to publicly contradict him. In any case, once Kubica fell victim to the safety car rules in Singapore and struggled in the wet in Shanghai, the dream had gone, so they aren't beating themselves up too much about that missed opportunity. "

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