Over 500 F1 cars in one picture

I came across an excellent picture on another blog which shows every Formula 1 car from 1950 to 2004 side-by-side. Here’s a sample of it:

That 1990 Benetton is a favourite of mine, by the way...

That 1990 Benetton is a favourite of mine, by the way...

You can download the full file – a hefty 18.7Mb at 9362×6622 pixels – from the F1 Fanatic drop.io.

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What’s your favourite F1 car on the picture?

Via Racing Otaku

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55 comments on Over 500 F1 cars in one picture

  1. carldec said on 11th June 2009, 23:35

    wow… that brings back memories… I used to draw cars in profile like that when i was a young boy… I remember drawing Emerson_Fittipaldi’s McLaren M23 when I was in 8th grade. I found some of those drawing a few years ago i an old trunk.

    Now if I could just find the book covers I made by cutting out pictures from road and tracks of that era….

  2. Kovy said on 11th June 2009, 23:36

    Favourite car, West McLaren MP4-13.

  3. Scott said on 12th June 2009, 0:23

    Slim Borgudd was the drummer for Abba.

  4. F1Yankee said on 12th June 2009, 1:11

    tough to pick out a favorite, so i’ll just ramble:

    i love the 50’s and 60’s cars. they really were proper race cars.

    1954 merc – those blasphemous fenders! what next, a roof?!

    1964 ferrari 1512 – a non-red ferrari? was it a privateer entry?

    1968 – the first wings and prominent sponsorship. this is where it all went wrong.

  5. Hi there mates, thanks for the plug and glad to see this monster being sent around – I think every one of us needs to blow this up in high res, frame it and hang it on our walls.

    Im looking into exactly that, right now.

    Try and stop by Racing Otaku from time to time – I tend to post all sorts of things motorsport related but love F1 more than all others.



  6. Brakius said on 12th June 2009, 8:22

    The ’66 Lotus 43, always has and always will be my favorite.

    The ’97-’01 Jordan’s had character. Also like the ’71 Lotus 56B and the ’68 McLaren M7.

  7. Arthur Fowler said on 12th June 2009, 8:48

    The ’73 Lotus 72 for me..mmmmmmmm perfect

  8. Arthur Fowler said on 12th June 2009, 8:51

    Although the 1968 Honda 302 likes fantastic. I just love the way the exhaust ‘pipes’ sweep around the rear of the car.

  9. Arthur Fowler said on 12th June 2009, 8:53

    having said all that, Jordan’s ’91 191 was a lovely car, the image on this wall chart doesnt do it any justice.

  10. PJA said on 12th June 2009, 9:55

    So many to choose from, I am biased towards the cars from when I started following F1 in 1991 and the drivers and teams I supported. So I would have to say the Williams FW14B, Williams FW18, McLaren MP4-20 and this years McLaren MP4-24 even though it is slow. I also liked the Williams FW26 ‘walrus nose’ although a lot of people seemed to think it was ugly.

  11. TMFOX said on 12th June 2009, 10:16

    The Williams FW18 does it for me :)

    Noticed that the 1996 Forti 02 is incorrect

  12. Ninad said on 12th June 2009, 11:34

    Hello Keith,

    I found this Mega Poster of all Formula 1 cars from 1st season in 1950 till 2007 season. Same like your poster but your poster is only till 2004 but this one is till 2007.

    Preview of the picture- http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk96/Nin_13/Formula%201/MiniPosterOfAllCarsFrom1950-2007.jpg

    You can download it from- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5D9EOQAO
    Note file is 8MB big. First unzip the file(.RAR) and view the image(.JPG)

  13. I feel a poster for my office wall coming on…!

  14. Chalky said on 12th June 2009, 15:40

    Seem to be some missing.
    Anyway it’s nice to have a look. Browsing down the 1971 Lotus 56B caught me eye.
    Looks better in it’s original colours that was made for the 1968 Indy 500.
    Gas Turbine power F1 car. Shame it couldn’t be developed a bit more.

  15. PJA said on 12th June 2009, 17:27

    This website seems to have the same pictures but sorted into teams


    makes it easier to see how each team has evolved over the seasons.

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