2010 F1 teams list to be announced (Update: FIA has revealed list)

How many teams will be on the FIA's entry list for 2010?

How many teams will be on the FIA's entry list for 2010?

Today the FIA is due to finally announce its F1 teams entry list for 2010 – the consequences of which could be far-reaching for Formula 1.

There have been signs in recent days that Max Mosley and the eight remaining teams represented by FOTA might be close to a compromise solution.

The list published by the FIA today will tell us whether it believes a compromise is workable or if it’s resigned to driving many of the existing teams out of the sport.

Update: The FIA’s list has been published – see the comments for details.

The row has dragged on for so long that, amid all the talk of a breakaway championships and changes in the technical regulations, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

What began as a discussion on how to guarantee the long-term future at the sport has turned into a conflict that arguably places it in even greater jeopardy than the recession does.

Max Mosley insisted that, as none of the manufacturer teams had agreed to commit to Formula 1 for the future, it is essential that F1 run to a budget cap.

Although he has still not conceded that fundamental point, yesterday it emerged that he had suddenly yielded on several key areas – for example, potentially allowing a cap of ??100m which is more than the ??47m originally proposed.

Mosley remains fixed on the idea of a budget cap despite the FOTA teams having offered him the commitment he demanded until at least 2012. One therefore has to ask whether what he really wanted all along was not a commitment from the teams to stay in F1, but something else.

Among the points conceded by Mosley yesterday were:

  • Potential increase of the cap to ??100m followed by a ‘glide’ towards a lower limit
  • Exemptions from the budget cap for highly-paid staff other than drivers
  • Not giving performance advantages to budget-capped teams
  • Signing of a new Concorde Agreement (to define the future governance of the sport and distribution of income)

Aside from sticking to his plan for some form of a cap, this amounts to a U-turn on almost every one of Mosley’s positions. But one thing is conspicuously missing from Mosley’s offer – any mention of reform to the governance of F1.

This has become a significant issue for the teams, tired of the endless political bickering that goes on in Formula 1, and seeing Mosley as the one responsible for it.

Mosley had previously indicated he will make a decision this month on whether he will stand for another term as president of the FIA. Are the teams holding out for an assurance that he will not run again come October?

The point at which reconciliation was the smart thing to do passed a long time ago. Now it is the only thing to do.

As I wrote last week, I firmly believe the FIA should have taken up the teams’ offer of a deal for the next three years. I hope later today we will not be ruing their failure to seize that opportunity.

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174 comments on 2010 F1 teams list to be announced (Update: FIA has revealed list)

  1. Giuseppe said on 12th June 2009, 11:24

    What a joke. Goodbye Max and Bernie. Power hungry and greedy. Teams are tired of the power games

  2. Eddie Irvine said on 12th June 2009, 11:32

    Lola, Prodrive and Lightspeed out??? what are they thinking, ok you just keep racing with energy drinks and national teams. Imagine a battle between Force India and USF1, ths is just A1Gp not Formula 1. Very dissapointed
    I hoped that a team like toro Rosso(customer chassis) will be dropped and some old names like Lotus, Lola and Aston Martin wil be in but nooo Max execute the worst case scenario

  3. Prisoner Monkeys said on 12th June 2009, 11:45

    Are people just not reading the article? Or are they only reading the bits they want to? I’m thinking t’s the latter, because veryone is missing this part:

    AUTOSPORT understands there are three or four other teams who are close to being granted entries, and dialogue is still ongoing.

    So, if any one of the five teams decide to withdraw – either owing to the budget cap or, as Renault suggested, because of a donturn in sales in their road car division – you can bet those three or four teams will step up to the plate. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the FIA deliberately included Prodrive and Lola in that list. The reason being that they’re larger, established organsiations and they can afford to purchase the remains of an old team. The FIA obviously expect someone to pull the plug on their F1 project, though whether because of the budget cap or for another reason is unclear! (I put that bit in italics so that people don’t put words in my mouth by saying it’s proof that the FIA are morons.)

    • Navs said on 12th June 2009, 11:56

      Nice theory there Prisoner Monkeys.

    • That could very well be. Perhaps:
      » Lola and Prodrive could team up as they did for their Le Mans LMP1 effort and take over the Renault team in Enstone, while;
      » Superfund take over Scuderia Toro Rosso, run them from Italy for a number of seasons and then take them to Austria.

      Oh, and Epsilon Euskadi might still be in line for cooperation with USF1.

      • ajokay said on 12th June 2009, 12:52

        If Lola and Prodrive do team up, their resulting car better be as good looking as the LMP1 monster they have at Le Mans this weekend. Would it be a first to have a blue and orange Gulf F1 car?

        • matt said on 12th June 2009, 13:55

          I don’t think gulf would work on an F1 car. I saw a rendering of what it could look like the other week and the central stripe made it look tall and slab sided. Good on LeMans cars, not on F1 cars.

          And that is an interesting theory. I reckon even if the regulations are sorted properly we’ll still see a couple of teams leave simply because it won’t be sorted out smoothly or decisively.

  4. Oliver said on 12th June 2009, 11:53

    Lotus would just have been a name only not spirit. Likely to have come with litigation. Prodrive/Aston Martin was only a half attempt, with David Richardson wanting all the planets to be aligned before he thinks it worthwhile to participate. As for Lola, I’m sure the FIA remembers the last time the attempted to race in F1 and how it ended.

    As for the provisional entries for 5 of the FOTA teams, lets await FOTA’s response.

    • Gman said on 15th June 2009, 2:01

      I agree with what you have said, although I believe the Lola of today has bene bought out and remade by the new owner in such a fashion that it is essentially a new company from the one that tried the F1 grid some years back.

  5. Clare msj said on 12th June 2009, 12:17

    I’m pleased with the three new entries, USF1 and Campos were the two ones I definitely wanted anyways and the third I wasnt too decided about – and Manor (is it Manor Motorsport that Raikkonen drove for in FRenault or is it someone else?) seems fine to me – they must have been a strong entry to beat the likes of Prodrive.

    Also very pleased that all the current teams are on the list, even if some are only provisional. It gives some hope that comething will be resolved.

    I would have thought Prodrive were at least on the reserve list surely. They were the only other one i thought had a strong chance.

    I seem to be in a minority, having read a couple of other message boards around the place, in being glad that Toro Rosso remain. I know theres the link with Red Bull and all that, but they are ex-Minardi, and have a lot more character to them than some of the other teams.

    As for the iconic names not being included, just because a team carries the name from a famous predecessor does not make them
    a) as good as they once were, and thats if they are even the same company as it was before, which in a few of them is not the case at all
    and b) any better, or stronger in competition than USF1, Campos or Manor will be. Same goes for any big name – who can say that Aston Martin/Prodrive or Lola will be any better than those who did get accepted

    Campos and Manor (I am assuming it is Manor Motorsport)have a good history in motorsport, just not F1 – they are just as deserving as any other team. And USF1 have been vocal about entry for ages, long before many of the potential entries had even mentioned it (well bar Prodrive who have been lurking around F1 for a good while). Good luck to all three new teams. Have already developed a soft spot for the Campos entry, so I’m glad they got included!

    • Tim said on 12th June 2009, 14:56

      (is it Manor Motorsport that Raikkonen drove for in FRenault or is it someone else?)

      I think it was Manor that Raikkonen drove for in his FRenault title year. Lewis Hamilton also drove for Manor in FRenault and his first year of the F3 Euroseries, before switching to ASM the following year.

      Manor getting an entry is a surprise but the involvement of its technical partner isn’t. Wirth Research – whose founder, Nick Wirth, was previously head of Simtek and worked for Benetton in the late 1990s – has done work for Max Mosley and the FIA. This may well have stood them in good stead to get an entry. The rumour I’d heard was that Wirth’s mystery partner was Penske but obviously that was way off.

  6. have read that Mosley was goin to agree to 100m euros for 2010 and 45m for foll yrs…

    waiting to see USF1 bt nt in the rest of ferrari and etc..

  7. sean said on 12th June 2009, 12:41

    keep up guy’s it’s over Ferrari have said they will not be racing next year statement on there web site.The idiot just played his last card now I hope he walk’s from the room.

    • Laconic said on 13th June 2009, 8:28

      Ah, the gauntlet has been well and truly thrown now.

      Actually, they didn’t say they won’t race at all–
      “For the avoidance of any doubt, Ferrari reaffirms that it shall not take part in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship under the regulations adopted by the FIA in violation of Ferrari’s rights under a written agreement with the FIA.”

      Of course, Dearest Maxy will no doubt spin it to look like Ferrari broke the deal with FIA, not the other way round–which still allows him to point to others as the ones “ruining” F1.

      It does certainly cause one to wonder what will happen, as I can see Ferrari standing firm, and I cannot see Ferrari not racing. Really does appear to open the door for a breakaway series now.

      BTW, there are several good tracks that I believe would happily host races for another series. And there are, I believe, enough of them with no ties to Bernie to worry about.

      Silverstone, San Marino, Brands Hatch, Watkins Glen, Montreal, Magny Cours, Long Beach or Sears Point(or both), Imola, Monaco(NOT tied to Bernie and sure to host any race with Ferrari in it), Nurburgring, Monza … just to name a few. Not that I’m hoping for a breakaway series. I’d truly rather see Max out of the picture, and F1 settled into a stable governance situation.

      We will have to wait and see.

  8. TommyB said on 12th June 2009, 12:49

    No Prodrive, thats taking the ****

  9. TommyB said on 12th June 2009, 13:02

    Surely teams like Manor and Campos won’t have the money if cost cutting doesn’t go ahead. What a stupid desicion. They should just get rid of BMW, Toyota and Renault if they want to go.

  10. matt said on 12th June 2009, 13:05

    Why no prodrive? With the potential of becoming Aston Martin, maybe the FIA feared more future defiance from another manufacturer. Seriously though, they were selected a few years ago, didn’t compete because the FIA failed to clarify the customer chassis rule (which they still haven’t done) and now they haven’t even been selected, even though they were obvious candidates having been previously choosen. The FIA seems determined not to let them in.

    • TommyB said on 12th June 2009, 17:07

      I was so exciting about the news Aston could be in F1. This dissicion is gutting. Absolutely stupid.

  11. Navs said on 12th June 2009, 13:10

    Ferrari, RBR, and Toro Rosso have all reaffirmed the conditional nature of their entries after the FIA released the list. More here:

    Why all this is being done in such a public fashion is a mystery to me. The sponsors and commercial rights holders must be really annoyed. Many of them are huge companies which simply don’t have the culture to handle uncertainties of this sort – they must all be rethinking their commitment to the sport. I wonder how much quantifiable damage this long-drawn split has already caused.

  12. TommyB said on 12th June 2009, 13:15

    It’s clear to see the FIA have gone against the fans again. Everyone wanted Prodrive in F1 and instead we’ve got Manor and Campos to have single engine racing.

  13. Hounslow said on 12th June 2009, 13:26

    So Ferrari have been included because the FIA say they have pre-existing contract with them, is that right? Whreas Ferrari say they are not take part until the FIA agree to Ferrari’s conditions.
    Here’s the Press Release from Ferrari web site

    Maranello, 12th June 2009 – Following publication of the list of entries for the 2010 Formula One World Championship, which includes Ferrari as an unconditional entrant, Ferrari wishes to state the following:

    • Ferrari submitted on 29 May 2009 an entry to the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship which is subject to certain conditions. As of today, these conditions have not been met;

    • notwithstanding this and despite Ferrari’s previous written notice to the FIA not to do so, the FIA has included Ferrari as a unconditional participant in next year’s Formula One World Championship.
    For the avoidance of any doubt, Ferrari reaffirms that it shall not take part in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship under the regulations adopted by the FIA in violation of Ferrari’s rights under a written agreement with the FIA.

  14. DGR-F1 said on 12th June 2009, 13:27

    Since Ferrari and Red Bull/Torro Rosso are in, but would prefer to be out, and McLaren etc only want to be in with different rules, and may be thrown out, that still only leaves Williams and Force India as positively guaranteed carrying over from this year into next year. So there is plenty of time yet for the other possible teams to find a place.

  15. Rpbert said on 12th June 2009, 13:39

    I wonder if Prodrive was not included because the FIA (read: Max) is still upset about them pulling out of the 2008 season after being given a grid slot.

    • Prodrive wanted to compete in 2008, was ready to do so with customer cars from McLaren-Mercedes, but eventually decided against it because the rules allowing for customer cars were not accepted/enforced. Williams and Force India even went to court over Super Aguri and Toro Rosso’s alleged customer cars from Honda and Red Bull respectively. I don’t think M.R. Mosley should have a grudge about that; it was effectively his own fault.

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