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FOTA claims to support the fans – but do the fans support FOTA? (Poll) 13th June 2009, 18:47

In a press conference before the start of today’s Le Mans 24 Hours, Ferrari president and FOTA boss Luca di Montezemolo said: In a couple of years the problem with Formula 1 will be solved – as I really hope, with a responsible FIA, as we want, or, as happens in other sports, organising our […]

F1 links: Nothing about the FIA or FOTA

Having rounded-up the reaction to the FIA’s 2010 F1 entry list elsewhere, I thought I should keep the F1 links digest free of more F1 politics. Unfortunately that means I have only two links to offer you today, but if you find anything else good please post it! The budget cuts will continue until morale […]

Reaction round-up: The 2010 entry list

I spent a chunk of yesterday reading everything I could get my hands on about the FIA’s F1 entry list for 2010 – the endless press releases, snippets of news, analysis and interpretation. As I assembled my thoughts on what had happened and finished a lengthy article offering my interpretations and opinions, it struck me […]

FIA and FOTA remain deadlocked on F1 governance and budget cap

Now the dust has settled following a day of remarkable developments we can understand why the two sides in the FIA-FOTA row remain deadlocked. The two sides have moved closer together on the matter of how deep cost cuts must be. But FOTA’s demand for reform of how F1 is governed has received no recognition […]

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