F1 links: Nothing about the FIA or FOTA

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Having rounded-up the reaction to the FIA’s 2010 F1 entry list elsewhere, I thought I should keep the F1 links digest free of more F1 politics.

Unfortunately that means I have only two links to offer you today, but if you find anything else good please post it!

The budget cuts will continue until morale improves

"You knew this was coming. GM is considering cuts to their NASCAR program. I guess they figured out, after 15 years of failure, that the “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” philosophy isn’t really working for them." Economic realities hit NASCAR.

Hamilton’s revenge: How Lewis got his own back on his biggest critic

The Mail claims this is Hamilton 'getting revenge' on Jonathan McEvoy for the criticisms McEvoy made of him after the Australian Grand Prix. Of course, there's no indication from Hamilton that this is anything of the sort…

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