F1 links: Nothing about the FIA or FOTA

Having rounded-up the reaction to the FIA’s 2010 F1 entry list elsewhere, I thought I should keep the F1 links digest free of more F1 politics.

Unfortunately that means I have only two links to offer you today, but if you find anything else good please post it!

The budget cuts will continue until morale improves

"You knew this was coming. GM is considering cuts to their NASCAR program. I guess they figured out, after 15 years of failure, that the “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” philosophy isn’t really working for them." Economic realities hit NASCAR.

Hamilton’s revenge: How Lewis got his own back on his biggest critic

The Mail claims this is Hamilton 'getting revenge' on Jonathan McEvoy for the criticisms McEvoy made of him after the Australian Grand Prix. Of course, there's no indication from Hamilton that this is anything of the sort…

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13 comments on F1 links: Nothing about the FIA or FOTA

  1. persempre said on 13th June 2009, 12:59

    There’s nothing the press loves more than a story about themselves, eh, Keith?

    I was just thinking how much difference a year makes. I wonder how many 2008 Hamilton threads got less than 10 replies (currently 9 on Hamilton’s McLaren in Hall of Fame thread)?
    More to the point, how much difference a car makes ;)

    • beneboy said on 13th June 2009, 14:22

      Didn’t Frank Williams once say something along the lines of:
      We build winning cars, the driver just makes it up to the minimum weight.

      Implying that the best car normally wins and makes a much bigger difference than the driver.

      • Patrickl said on 13th June 2009, 22:47

        Usually there are two cars more or less matched for speed. So then there are 4 drivers in a field of 20 which are realisticly able to become WDC. That would mean the car determines 80%.

    • scunnyman said on 17th June 2009, 23:24

      it’s nice to see a journalist finally have a balanced view on hamilton, unlike some Keith has linked on here.

      And what a difference 6 months make eh persempre?

  2. gabal said on 13th June 2009, 15:56

    While we are on the subject Frank Williams also said – you are only as good as your last race, the same is true for Hamilton as is for Williams team and everybody else in F1 circus…

  3. Chaz said on 13th June 2009, 20:52

    Oh dear! What will eventually become of GM…

    • Rich said on 14th June 2009, 4:59

      “Government Motors?”
      LOL well there’ll be a lot of sound and fury, but thats about it. No way will the public stand still for what they would view as “extravagant” adverts, so nascar is doomed. Eventually, of course, with that well-known businessman, auto magnate, and after-dinner speaker Pres. O. calling the shots, they’ll go belly up. (I thought we elected a Pres of the *country, not of some car company?)

  4. TommyB said on 14th June 2009, 0:08

    Stupid papers. Suddenly Hamilton’s a villain now he’s got an uncompetitive car? He was a hero last year and wouldn’t say a bad word against him.

    • Rich said on 14th June 2009, 5:02

      See? Even in *sports reporting, “journalists” have an agenda. They must all think we’re all idiots.

  5. DGR-F1 said on 15th June 2009, 8:47

    Its not just NASCAR. GM are pulling the Corvettes out of GT1, and VX Racing out of the BTCC. Are they going to cut back or pull Opel out of DTM too?
    Strangely though, there is no sign of the ‘Chevrolet’ ex-Daewoo cars leaving either BTCC or WTCC.

  6. PJA said on 15th June 2009, 9:40

    Typical sort of article you would expect from The Daily Mail, rubbish. Is he trying to claim Hamilton got his ‘revenge’ by driving fast when giving McEvoy a test drive in the Mercedes SLR, because that is the whole point of those events, or does he really know nothing about motorsport?

    To Hamilton McEvoy is probably just another journalist, rather than his nemesis like the self important Daily Mail writer seems to think.

    • Bigbadderboom said on 15th June 2009, 14:38

      Couldn’t have put it better myself, he is a self important, self indulgent nobody, who doesn’t even register on Lewis’s radar.

  7. persempre said on 15th June 2009, 12:14

    does he really know nothing about motorsport?

    You mean like the representative of a very well known daily paper who had to ask who a certain lady in the paddocl was, muscled through the crowd around her & asked what her husband was doing now? Shocked silence followed.
    She was the widow of a famous WDC driver sadly killed on track.

    For obvious reasons I`ve left all names out but believe me, I don`t believe one person on this site would not know the names involved. That, sadly, is the level of knowledge of some f the people reporting the F1 as “motorpsorts correspondents”.

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