Minibus takes on Coulthard’s F1 car in Peru, loses (Pictures and video)

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David Coulthard powers to his first F1 win since Melbourne 2003
David Coulthard powers to his first F1 win since Melbourne 2003

David Coulthard won’t be competing in his home Grand Prix this race for the first time in 16 years.

But he still gets to take F1 cars for a spin every now and then. Yesterday he demonstrated a Red Bull show car in Lima, the capital city of Peru. Here’s some pictures and video from the event.

The South American country has never held an F1 race, and since the loss of the Argentine Grand Prix at the end of 1998 the continent has only had one race per year in the form of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Judging from this video footage, it looks like the speed restrictions that get placed on events like this in Britain don’t apply in Peru!

Here’s some photographs from the event on La Marina Avenue in San Miguel district. If you were there and took any pictures or video please share them with us on the F1 Fanatic

Update: According to Red Bull:

More than 100,000 people watched David Coulthard tear down the streets of the Peruvian capital at the weekend ?ǣ and some locals even stormed the run to race him in a minibus.

The 1.2km run took place in downtown Lima along the Avenue de La Marina and got the official seal of approval when the Peruvian president asked for the car to be parked with the royal guards outside his palace.

As well as the normal run, David visited the local Inca market, was pictured on the front cover of the largest news paper in Peru, quizzed by journalists and drove round the city in a public minibus.

??and half way through Saturday?s run, David was challenged by two men in a very similar minibus to see if he wanted a race. Never one to resist a challenge, David took them on ?ǣ and won by some way after the minibus? engine overheated.

Following his final run, Coulthard greeted the public waving the Peruvian flag. Then, right after he finished DC took off his suit to reveal a T-shirt which read ??Yo Amo Per?????, or I Love Per???. Thousands of Peruvians cheered and then yelled back: ??David, Peru te ama??.

They loved him – and the showcar spectacle – too.

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